Dr. Barbara Greenberg is frequently sought out by newspapers, magazine writers and TV for her expert advice on parenting, teenage, lifestyle and relationship issues. She has commented on various topics for several newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, Seventeen Magazine and The Chicago Tribune. She has appeared on many TV shows ranging from Good Morning America to CNN. As both a clinical psychologist and a mother she has a well-informed perspective on a wide range of parenting and teen issues. Similarly, she is the go-to person for lifestyle and relationship issues.

April 20, 2017, Your Teen Magazine, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

My 17-Year-Old Broke the Rules While We Were Out of Town

In the latest edition of Dear Your Teen, Dr. Barbara Greenberg helps a concerned mom address her teenage daughter, who went out to eat after work when she was specifically told to go straight home. Dr. Greenberg suggests the mother have an in-depth conversation with her daughter, listening to what she has to say and making sure that the next time rules are made, the daughter is in agreement. For the full answer and for the rest of Dr. Greenberg’s parenting advice on this situation, read the full write-up on Your Teen Magazine.

April 17, 2017, Yahoo News, Beth Greenfield

How to Talk to Your Kids About Marijuana

In this informative Yahoo News piece, Dr. Barbara Greenberg discusses the important reasons parents should talk to their teens about marijuana, when parents should start the conversation, and what points to include. “Don’t glamorize your own past use or employ it as a way to connect with your kids,” Dr. Greenberg says, encouraging parents to instead share any negative experiences they’ve had, such as paranoia or panic attacks as a result of trying the drug. “Don’t make them into horror stories, though,” she suggests. “If something is too scary, your child will tune you out.” To learn how parents can connect further on this subject with their teens, read the full article above.

April 12, 2017, Reader’s Digest, Jen Babakhan

13 Smart Ways to Stop Sibling Rivalry Before It Starts

Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers some advice for parents on how to stop and even prevent sibling rivalry. She says, “Rivalry is all about kids wanting their own time—it’s primarily about the child receiving acknowledgment and recognition from the parents. Whether your child enjoys a game of catch outside or curling up with you to watch a movie, pay close attention to the amount of individual attention each child is receiving.” Some of Dr. Greenberg’s pointers include making time for more family fun, knowing when to intervene during a sibling conflict, and giving the kids space to be seen as individuals with their own talents. For many more of Dr. Greenberg’s tips on this subject, refer to the article above.

April 7, 2017, U.S. News, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

8 Reasons to Consider Sending Your Kids to Sleepaway Camp

In this special segment of the U.S. News Wellness section, Dr. Barbara Greenberg talks about the benefits of sending children to a sleepaway camp. Although camp is not for every child, such as those with separation anxiety, Dr. Greenberg believes that many children and teens can develop new skills, reinvent themselves, become independent, learn a sense of responsibility, and make lifelong friends. For the full article, click the link above.

April 6, 2017, Your Teen Magazine, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

My Daughter Got a Tattoo Without My Permission

Dr. Barbara Greenberg answers the question of a woman who is both concerned and irritated because her 16-year-old step-daughter got a tattoo after she and her husband specifically told her not to do it. The teen instead went to her biological mother for permission and had the tattoo done immediately. Read the full write-up, as Dr. Greenberg offers some parenting tips as well as a few potential steps for mending a tough family situation such as the one mentioned above.

April 3, 2017, Yahoo Beauty, Sabrina Rojas Weiss

This Is One Thing ‘Big Little Lies’ Got Totally Wrong

On the TV show “Big Little Lies,” Reese Witherspoon’s character Madeline opens up to her teenage daughter about some dark secrets from her past. Looking back at this scene, Dr. Barbara Greenberg suggests that Madeline’s behavior was inappropriate for a parent talking to a teen. In addition to being too emotional for her daughter to actually pay attention, Dr. Greenberg points out another major issue: that Madeline “then went into using her errors as an opportunity to relieve her own guilt and use her daughter as a confidante. That is totally unacceptable, because it puts a heavy burden on the child. It’s information that the child doesn’t need, doesn’t want, that will further infuriate the child. That is a recipe for destroying the relationship with your child.” For the complete article, and for Dr. Greenberg’s full analysis on the scene, visit Yahoo Beauty via the abovementioned link.

April 3, 2017, Your Teen Magazine, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

What Age Should Teenagers Start Dating?

Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers some advice to parents concerned about whether their teen is too young to start dating. To read Dr. Greenberg’s response, and for quick tips on what to talk about with teens in terms of dating and emotions, read the full write-up by clicking above.

April 2, 2017, Your Teen Magazine, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

Responsible Parenting? We Didn’t Check on Teens in the Basement

In this segment of “Dear Your Teen,” Dr. Barbara Greenberg addresses parents who wonder whether it’s a good idea to periodically check on their teens while they’re spending time with peers in the basement of the house. While parents worry that they might appear to shame or embarrass their kids, Dr. Greenberg says it’s important to focus on being a responsible parent. This involves exercising authority to make sure their children and their friends remain safe. For the full question and answer, visit the link above.

March 30, 2017, Reader’s Digest, Jen Babakhan

12 Things You Need to Let Your Kids Do on Their Own

Many parents like to make their kids’ lives easier by doing household chores for them. However, Dr. Barbara Greenberg has a list of tasks that are important for children to start learning at a young age in order to become independent in later years. For example, Dr. Greenberg believes it’s important to start teaching kids about finances early by having them open a bank account and showing them how to budget their money. “Items that teens buy for themselves and with their own money are often highly cherished and well taken care of because the kids know how hard they worked to save for these items. This will certainly foster a sense of accomplishment and independence,” says Dr. Greenberg. For the complete list of other things kids should be doing on their own, read the full article and access the slideshow by clicking the link above.

March 21, 2017, YourTeen Magazine, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

My Son Plays Video Games All Day. Should I Worry?

Dr. Barbara Greenberg addresses a mom concerned about her son’s video game obsession. Although he’s a straight-A student who participates in school activities and doesn’t get into trouble, this mother wonders whether her teen boy’s otherwise introverted lifestyle is unhealthy for him. Dr. Greenberg’s advice? Handle the behavior “gingerly and certainly without criticism.” She also suggests that the mom make an agreement with her son to spend more time with friends and cut down on video game playing. Read the YourTeen article for Dr. Greenberg’s in-depth answer.

March 20, 2017, Yahoo Beauty, Jihan Forbes

Prom Dates Are Assigned by Lottery at This High School

Many teenagers fear they won’t find a date for the prom. Yet, Aquin High School in Freeport, Illinois has created a lottery system to alleviate this anxiety. At this particular high school, junior and senior boys pick cards with girls’ names on them, so everyone ends up with a date. Dr. Barbara Greenberg thinks this is a fantastic idea, because it can help reduce the teens’ stress and ensure that more students go to the prom. “This idea sounds like so much more fun and so much less anxiety-ridden!” she says. For the full article, visit Yahoo Beauty via the hyperlinked title above.

March 16, 2017, Reader’s Digest, Jen Babakhan

11 Ways You’re Being a Toxic Parent—Without Even Knowing It

Many well-meaning moms and dads have no idea that their parenting techniques are doing more harm than good. Dr. Barbara Greenberg points out which parenting behaviors are toxic, explaining how parents can shift these behavior patterns and build positive relationships with their kids. “Toxic parents are known for not listening to their kids, but instead, talking over them or at them,” she says. “If parents recognize themselves doing this they should make a concerted effort to remain silent and listen, listen, and listen some more. If kids feel listened to they will talk more and confide more.” You can access many more of Dr. Greenberg’s parenting tips by reading the full article.

March 16, 2017, U.S. News, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

6 Tips for Talking to Your Teen About Anything at All

In this U.S. News write-up, Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers valuable tips to help parents improve communication with their teenagers. She suggests that by asking subtle questions, listening without interrupting, and trying not to be judgmental, parents can begin to develop a meaningful connection with their teens. Dr. Greenberg adds that parents should be physically present and make themselves available for their teens by turning off the computer and initiating conversations with them. For all of Dr. Greenberg’s tips, visit U.S. news through the link above.

March 14, 2017, Refinery 29, Sophie Saint Thomas

Why You Need to Get Over Your Fear of Uncircumsised Penises

In this slideshow by Sophie Saint Thomas, Dr. Barbara Greenberg points out that since circumcision is the norm in America, men with uncircumcised genitals are more likely to be teased as children in the locker room. On the flip side, however, many people are specifically sexually aroused by men who are uncircumcised. Dr. Greenberg says it’s important to make sure you’re attracted to the person for who they are and not just for their body. She also says to “explain what you find stimulating to see if your partner is comfortable with that.” For the full article, visit Refinery 29 via the link above.

March 9, 2017, Yahoo Beauty, Beth Greenfield

Teen Suspended Over Patch of Dyed Hair That Shows ‘When the Wind Blows’

When a teen in England was suspended from school because he shaved and dyed a small part of his hair, his mother defended him, stating that something this minor should not keep a good, respectful student out of school. Dr. Barbara Greenberg, who believes in allowing students to be comfortable in their own skin, said, “I think we have this thing where conformity is associated with goodness and individualism with defiance, which it’s not. I think it’s a normal part of development, because everybody wants to be unique in their own way.” For the complete article, visit Yahoo Beauty via the link above.

February 27, 2017, U.S. News, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

How to Raise Resilient Kids

Instead of trying to fix your kids and make them the “perfect” children, Dr. Barbara Greenberg suggests teaching them to perservere in life by letting kids handle tough situations on their own, modeling calmness and playfulness, focusing on how children feel rather than on their achievements, and allowing the child to sit with their feelings instead of trying to relieve them of emotional discomfort. For clarity, and for the entire list of tips, read the full article on U.S. News Wellness section.


February 27, 2017, YourTeen, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

Grandparents Enriching the Lives of Teenagers

In this YourTeen magazine write-up about parents and grandparents, Dr. Barbara Greenberg acknowledges how grandparents play a vital role in the lives of their grandkids. She also explains that in order to continue playing such a healthy and important role, grandparents should honor the “viewpoints and values” of their grandchildren’s parents. “Relationships across the board work best when everyone is on the same page,” she writes. At the same token, Dr. Greenberg invites parents to express gratitude and kindness toward their children’s grandparents, who offer another dimension of support for their kids. Mutual respect is always key in building healthy relationships among children, parents and grandparents.

February 27, 2017, Refinery 29, Sophie Saint Thomas

How To Recover Your Arousal After A Rough Patch

If you and your partner are dealing with a rough patch, Dr. Barbara Greenberg says instead of shutting down completely, a small act of kindness, like bringing your partner a cup of coffee in the morning, can help. Dr. Greenberg also says to embrace forgiveness and focus on the mantra “let it go” as long as the issue doesn’t involve domestic abuse. For the complete slideshow, visit Refinery 29 through the link above this paragraph. Sending a special thanks to author Sophie @thebowiecat.

February 23, 2017, Refinery 29, Sophie Saint Thomas

The Best Tried-&-True Flirty Texts To Send To Your Crush

Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains how to tell if your crush is really into you before you attempt to send flirty text messages. Once you’re ready to make a move, writer Sophie Saint Thomas has tips on which types of texts to send throughout different stages of your relationship.

February 18, 2017, Entity Magazine, Katharine Mound

How to Raise Brave Girls and Teach Your Daughters to Be Fearless

Dr. Barbara Greenberg pinpoints some important ways parents can raise confident daughters in a society obsessed with women’s looks: “Encourage your girls to take risks (with safety in mind),” she says, “and to try a variety of activities to challenge themselves so that they can develop their self-esteem and skills.” Dr. Greenberg also stresses that parents may not fully realize they can play a role in “raising girls who are passive and people-pleasers.” She says parents should therefore self-monitor, watching the way they speak and behave in the presence of their young girls. Read the full article by clicking the link above.

February 13, 2017, Lifezette, F.T. Cage

Your Child Says, ‘I’m Quitting College’ — Now What?

In this article, Dr. Barbara Greenberg addresses parents whose college-aged children who want to quit school. She says it’s important for parents to separate long-term problems from short-term problems, to stay calmly on topic, to talk with their children about why they are unhappy with college and what to potentially do about it. Dr. Greenberg stresses the importance of giving children space to process their thoughts rather than interrupt the conversation or react emotionally, and ultimately, to support them in their dreams and goals for the future.

February 7, 2017, Refinery 29, Sophie Saint Thomas

9 Tests To See Whether You & Your Partner Are Ready For A Threesome

According to Dr. Barbara Greenberg, those thinking about having a threesome shouldn’t just jump into the act. She advises them to first spend some time alone to meditate and play out the scene in their minds, asking themselves how they truly feel about it both physically and emotionally: “The benefit of meditation is that you are focusing on your own feelings, not merely on pleasing your partner,” says Dr. Greenberg. For the full slideshow, click on the link above.

February 6, 2017, Yahoo Style, Jihan Forbes

Does This 7-Year-Old’s Ariana Grande Impersonation Bother You?

Seven-year-old Xia Vigor has quickly become a sensation on the Philippines’ Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids, impersonating musicians like Taylor Swift and most recently, Ariana Grande. But with all her makeup, skimpy costumes and gyrating moves, many parents, as well as Dr. Barbara Greenberg, believe these performances are inappropriate and putting attention on the child for the wrong reasons. “It’s a lot more intense because the performance aspect does add a layer of questionability. Not only is she 7, and she’s dressing in such a sexualized way, but she’s performing in a sexualized way,” she said. “The mother bears a tremendous amount of responsibility. At 7, this girl is not even aware of how her sexuality impacts others. Girls at 16 and 17 aren’t even aware of it! I think it’s totally inappropriate, and it’s sending the kid the wrong message, that you get attention for being sexualized. It will not be lost on this child that she got a grand-scale level of attention by putting on seductive makeup, barely any clothes, and go-go boots. This will very likely follow her through a lot of life.”

February 6, 2017, Toronto Sun, Joanne Richard

Snake oil: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Jade Eggs Just Among a List of Foolish Beauty Products

Dr. Barbara Greenberg questions the effectiveness, safety and practicality of the most bizarre beauty trends, with a particular concern about the popularity of Gwyneth Paltrow’s popular “jade egg,” vaginal steaming, and snake venom facial cream – all intended to slow aging and fix imperfections in the body. The successful sales of these celebrity-endorsed items and pseudo-scientific beauty treatments prove that society indeed capitalizes on the anxiety and low self-esteem of ladies throughout the country. “Women are so vulnerable because from an early age they are socialized to believe that how they look is more important than any other skill or ability,” says Dr. Barbara Greenberg. “As long as there are women willing to pay, more and more ridiculous ideas about how to ‘improve’ the body will be forthcoming.”

January 29, 2017, The Simple Dollar, Holly Johnson

How and Why to Tell Your Kids ‘No’

Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers a few ways to say no to children when they constantly ask for things, and she provides a number of reasons that it’s often healthy to turn down their requests. “Imagine being in a relationship with someone who expects a ‘yes’ to everything,” Greenberg said. “That would certainly make relationships difficult, if not impossible.” Read the entire article to see what else this top psychologist has to say about the issue.

January 27, 2017, Yahoo Beauty, Beth Greenfield

Why Mama June’s New Reality Show is ‘Dangerous’

Extreme weight loss and plastic surgery shows such as the latest “revenge body” series have become popular on primetime television, but the question is, what kind of effect are they having on children and teens? Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains that these shows not only trivialize potentially dangerous plastic surgeries but that they often send a faulty message to young girls, emphasizing aesthetics over health: “Bodies are not only for looking the way you want but for functioning well and being healthy, and this is all about appearance,” she says. For the full article, click the link above.

Dr. Greenberg explains how these television shows send a faulty message and can do much more harm than good.

January 18, 2017, Yahoo Beauty, Beth Greenfield

Want to Bring Your Kid to the Women’s March? Cool. Just Be Prepared.

Many people have discussed the idea of bringing their kids to the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers cautionary advice for parents to help make the event a safe and educational experience for their children. Her main tip: “Limit the amount of exposure and pay attention to their anxiety levels. Don’t flood them.” In addition, Dr. Greenberg stresses the importance of telling the children what to expect from a passionate crowd so they are fully aware. “Prepare them for possibly unpleasant moments by talking with them ahead of time,” she says. For the rest of Dr. Greenberg’s tips on this topic, read the full article on Yahoo Beauty.

January 25, 2017, YourTeen Magazine, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

How Can I Help My Difficult Teenage Son?

In this question and answer write-up in YourTeen Magazine, Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers some brief, thoughtful advice on how parents can help their teenage son who appears to be dealing with a great deal of emotional problems.

January 13, 2017, Yahoo Beauty, Beth Greenfield

‘If You Think You’re Too Fat, Keep It to Yourself’: High School Under Fire for Sexist Dating Assignment

A Utah high school dating project stirred up many heated debates when it listed a number of sexist tips for young men and women. Dr. Barbara Greenberg weighs in on this controversial list of “do’s” and “don’ts” for the girls, which have been labeled as both outdated and mysogynistic by people on Twitter. “This [list] is simply not OK,” says Dr. Greenberg. “It’s so unbelievably gender-biased, and it puts us back in time.” She believes children should learn about dating and relationships, but with more of a focus on how the heart and body are connected. For the complete argument, and for more of Dr. Greenberg’s suggestions, read the article on Yahoo Beauty by clicking the link above.

January 11, 2017, Yahoo Beauty, Jame Jackson

Introducing Toya, the World’s First Doll to Speak Jamaican Patois

Meet Toya, the world’s first Jamaican patois-speaking doll. With her dark physical features and curly hair, Toya is a different doll that transcends stereotypical images of mainstream beauty while promoting diversity, unity and a sense of belonging. According to Dr. Barbara Greenberg, Toya “really fosters a message that you are important, you matter, you are included in our melting pot and culture, and you are important enough to be represented in our toys.” Dr. Greenberg also believes that it’s important for all children to be able to see a doll that looks like them. “It validates a child’s very existence and it validates that they are good, and they deserve to be represented and acknowledged. It’s wonderful for their self-esteem,” she says. For the full article on Yahoo Beauty, click the link above.

January 5, 2017, Real Simple, Jennifer King Lindley

7 Secrets to Saying No (And Not Feeling Guilty About It)

If you are a people-pleaser who can’t say no to others’ requests in fear that you’ll tarnish your relationship with them, then read the advice presented in this article. Dr. Greenberg offers her professional tips, including how to say “no” to your children in a respectful way that will help teach them resilence and boundaries.

December 10, 2016, Readers Digest, Corey Whelan

10 Sneaky Ways to Carve Out More “Me Time” Every Day

How can you even begin to think about enjoying time to yourself if you’re always busy and on the go? Dr. Barbara Greenberg and other professionals offer tips and solutions on how to carve out meaningful “me” time in creative, unexpected ways throughout your day. Read the full article to find out more.

November 18, 2016, Yahoo Sports, Beth Greenfield

Gretchen Carlson Opens Up About Sexual Harassment, Starting When She Was Miss America

TV commentator and former Miss America Gretchen Carlson talks about having been sexually harassed at the beginning of her career, and says she actually blamed herself for what happened. In reference to Carlson’s situation, Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains that when women are treated inappropriately, chances are that they will put the blame on themselves and emotionally “torture themselves” while men are more likely to express their anger. For Dr. Greenberg’s full explanation, be sure to click the link above and read the entire Yahoo article.

November 11, 2016, Yahoo News, Susanna Heller

The Trump Effect: Psychologists Warn That Children Are Watching 

The rhetoric and discussion behind the recent presidential election has created extreme anxiety in not only parents, but especially their children. Dr. Barbara Greenberg thoroughly explains the effect of observational learning and how children are likely to absorb what they see and hear in the media. Read the full article for all of Dr. Greenberg’s comments.

November 9, 2016, Yahoo Beauty, Beth Greenfield

How Do I Explain the Election Results to My Kids?

The unexpected, anxiety-provoking result of the 2016 presidential election has many parents wondering, “What do I tell my kids now?” Dr. Barbara Greenberg says it’s important to focus on spreading a message of hope and reality instead of fear: “You say that in life you do have to deal with disappointment — and when there are collective disappointments, hopefully they can bring us together as a country and as a community.” She adds, “When talking to girls specifically […] you can point out that even though it was a difficult race for Hillary, she persevered, and that perseverance and tenacity are incredible qualities: It was hard, but she went ahead and she did it anyway.” For the full article and additional commentary, click the link above.

October 14, 2016, Next Avenue, Joanna Nesbit

How to Deal With Empty Nest Loneliness

When children become adults, leave home and venture out into the world, many parents – especially those who haven’t been able to define themselves as anyone other than “mom” or “dad” – experience empty-nesting grief. Dr. Barbara Greenberg believes this grief is often the result of helicopter parenting, marriages centered around children and constant contact with their children on social media. For Dr. Greenberg’s complete explanation on empty-nesting grief and how to cope with it, read the full article.

October 11, 2016, Sophie Saint Thomas, Broadly

No, You Don’t Use Tinder ‘Just for Friends,’ Liar 

In this article, writer Sophie Saint Thomas says she tried to find people who use Tinder, the casual hook-up app, just for friendship. However, it appears that many people who say this are simply unhappy in their current relationships and looking for a way out, or searching for an ego boost from individuals they might find attractive on the app. Dr. Barbara Greenberg said it’s highly unlikely that people who use the Tinder app are really looking for simple, platonic friendships: “What they’re doing is checking out their plan B’s, to see if they’re still appealing to others, to see if they’re still attractive.”

October 4, 2016, Beth Greenfield, Yahoo Beauty

Shocking Viral Video Claims to Show Mom Shaving Girl’s Head as Punishment

One internet video shows a mother angrily shaving her daughter’s head as a punishment for misbehaving. Although many are questioning whether the video is even real, a number of viewers have nonetheless expressed deep concern over this type of public humiliation. Dr. Barbara Greenberg believes that punishment of this nature is of the worst kind because it evokes shame and aggression in the child. She suggests that parents replace shaming with “repair work,” for example, by having the child volunteer at a cancer center or any place he or she can practice kindness. For the full article, and for Dr. Greenberg’s complete response, read the full article above.

September 21, 2016, Joanna Nesbit, The Washington Post

How to Help Your College Student Cope with Loneliness, Without Hovering

Loneliness is a common part of a teen’s transition to adult life – especially in the college world. Many well-meaning parents often take it upon themselves to intervene by communicating with their teen excessively. Dr. Barbara Greenberg says she’s seen an increase in parental separation anxiety over the past decade, suggesting that as students begin to adjust to college life, it’s important and appropriate to support them, but it’s equally important not to solve their problems for them. For the complete article, visit the Washington Post by clicking the blue link above.

September 20, 2016, Beth Greenfield, Yahoo Beauty

Could Brad and Angelina’s Divorce Really Be Based on Parenting Styles?

Now that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, many people want to know how their six children are going to deal with the situation. Dr. Barbara Greenberg says it’s extremely important for the Jolie-Pitt children to speak to a professional as soon as possible. She explains, “Adolescents in particular are self-conscious to begin with. Couple that with public scrutiny, and you have a recipe for acting out, anger, and depression. Even though they grew up in the public eye, this does not provide a buffer against the distress associated with a public divorce. There will be problems, sadly. The adolescents need to have someone to talk to — outside of the family — sooner rather than later.”

September 20, 2016, GalTime

#Brangelina Breakup! Were There Telltale Signs?

After the recent breakup of celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, many people are wondering – were there signs of impending divorce? Did we miss something? Lifestyle and relationships expert Dr. Barbara Greenberg weighs in, offering her professional opinion on the matter and explaining why celebrity marriages are often short-lived.

September 14, 2016, Dr. Barbara Greenberg, YourTeen

Do You Worry if a Freshman is Hanging with Seniors?

One father is worried about letting his 15-year-old daughter spend time with older girls at camp. After expressing concerns about his curious teen daughter, he asks how, as a parent, he can set boundaries for safe friendships. Dr. Barbara Greenberg responds to his question in a thoughtful, candid way that benefits both the father and the teen daughter. Click the link above to read Dr. Greenberg’s full response.

September 6, 2016, Beth Greenfield, Yahoo Style

Mom Outraged a Training Bra Claims to ‘Smooth Imperfections’

A French training bra claiming to “smooth imperfections” is causing an uproar on the internet. Florence Braud, mother to a 12-year-old girl, said she was sad to see her daughter already suffering the “threats of femininity” and that the wording on the label was “an injunction of femininity.” A representative from the bra company said the ad refers to “imperfections” in clothing, not in the person wearing the bra. But Dr. Barbara Greenberg says the wording is a serious matter, and is “ambiguous enough to be dangerous.” Read the full article above to find out why, and to see the rest of Dr. Greenberg’s comments.

September 1, 2016, Beth Meiser, YourTeen Magazine

Don’t Be Your Teenager’s Best Friend

The “Gilmore Girls” syndrome is where teens and their parents consider one another best friends; they overshare, constantly text one another and hang out on a regular basis the way high school girlfriends often do. Is this healthy for parent-teen relationships? Dr. Greenberg says that while it’s great for parents and teens to have a strong bond, the main job of the parent is to be stable and attentive while setting adequate boundaries with their kids. She tells parents, “Your number one role is to keep your child safe,” and that “teens need parents they can lean on and push up against.” For the complete article, click the link above. The link will take you to a PDF of the actual article from YourTeen magazine.

August 29, 2016, Beth Greenfield, Yahoo Beauty

Did the N.Y. Post Go Too Far by Posting Anthony Weiner’s Selfie?

Former New York Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner is back in the news once again for his controversial sexting habit. But this time, things have gotten even more inappropriate. The New York Post published a selfie Weiner took of himself in bed with his underwear on, and what’s worse is that his sleeping 4-year-old son is also visible in the photo. Dr. Barbara Greenberg believes both the Post and Weiner have gone too far in this situation. To read all of Dr. Greenberg’s comments on the issue, visit the link above.

August 29, 2016, Sabrina Rojas Weiss, Yahoo Beauty

Parents Are Feeling Back-To-School Shopping Stress More Than Ever

This back-to-school season, many parents are going above and beyond for their children, spending tons of money on their kids’ school supplies and outfits – even if they can’t afford to do so. Dr. Barbara Greenberg says the main reason is parental shame, which she defines as “feeling that others might think you are inferior in your ability to take good care of your kids and to give your kids what they need to be successful.” Click the link above to read the rest of Dr. Greenberg’s comments on why parents might feel this shame, and what to do if you’re feeling the same way. The goal is to have a fun, happy, healthy and successful school year. Dr. Greenberg’s advice will help you do just that.

August 6, 2016, Megan Parry, Brit + Co

Follow These 5 Roommate Living Hacks for a Flawless Freshman Year

Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers thoughtful tips to help teens get accustomed to life on campus with a roommate they’ve never met before. Dr. Greenberg says keeping honest, direct communication with the new roommate, having good boundaries, allowing the roommate relationship to build organically and trusting your intuition can work wonders when living with someone you don’t know. See what else Dr. Greenberg has to say about making your freshman dorming experience worthwhile and fun. Click the link above for the full article.

August 2, 2016, Beth Greenfield, Yahoo Style

This School Dress Code Is Straight Out of the 1950s

One Illinois high school has enforced a very extreme, rigid and sexist dress code for the 2016 school year, focusing primarily on girls’ outfits and drawing attention to specific body types. Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains why it’s a sexist dress code that insults young women, and how it “reinforces body shame and self-consciousness.” Read the full article to see all of Dr. Greenberg’s comments.

July 26, 2016, Beth Greenfield, Yahoo Beauty

Disney’s New Princesses Do Not Need Men to Rule the World

Modern-day Disney princesses Moana and Elena of Avalor are strong, powerful, charismatic women. Yet, unlike other Disney heroines (think Snow White and Cinderella), both of these new characters are happily single. Read what Dr. Barbara Greenberg has to say about the “rescue fantasies” of Disney films and learn how these new princesses are changing the game for girls around the world.

July 15, 2016, Sophie Saint Thomas,

Why I Quit Stalking My Boyfriend Online — And Why You Should, Too

Are you guilty of obsessively stalking your romantic partner on social media? Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains how this unhealthy behavior can lead to paranoia and possibly even the demise of a relationship. Dr. Greenberg encourages that partners focus on being present in the relationship rather than delving into each other’s online habits. For the full article, head over to via the above link.

July 3, 2016, Emma Davis, Today Parents

7 Ways to Help Kids Take the Fear Out of Live Fireworks

Fireworks are a favorite Independence Day tradition for many. For young children, though, noisy fireworks can be scary and stressful. Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers expert tips to help take the fear factor out of the fireworks for the little ones. Her ideas for parents include leaving babies at home, discussing the event with children beforehand, bringing ear plugs and a comforting object for the child, and modeling a relaxed attitude during the event. Read the full article to see the rest of Dr. Greenberg’s helpful pointers.

June 26, 2016, Joanne Richard
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Shaming the Body Shamers

This summer, so many women will feel insecure about their bodies, so much so that many will avoid beaches and pool areas because they dislike certain areas of their physique. Dr. Barbara Greenberg is concerned that body image on the beach may get even worse in this age of what she calls “impression management” through obsessive selfie-taking, photoshopping and filtering via apps and social media. Dr. Greenberg says, “We are spending less time with real people and focusing more time on the visual images on social media. Body image issues are epidemic among women.” Read the full article for other comments and tips on how to begin to end the shame around body image.

June 20, 2016, Beth Greenfield, Yahoo Style

Kourtney Kardashian Doesn’t Want Her Mom Saying ‘Fat’ in Front of Her Daughter

Dr. Barbara Greenberg supports Kourtney Kardashian’s decision to not mention the word “fat” around her young daughter Penelope. In fact, Dr. Greenberg says, “It would be lovely if it could be banned from our vocabulary.” She adds that the word “fat” has taken on the meaning of “lazy,” “unappealing,” “unattractive,” and people also use it to describe a feeling — “I feel fat.” She explains, “fat is not a feeling,” and that young girls’ positive body image starts with their mothers’ relationships with their own bodies. It’s extremely important for moms to be mindful of what they say about their bodies around their children.

June 20, 2016, Joanna Nesbit, Mother Nature Network

4 Things Teens Really Need from Their Parents

Many teens beg their parents for a new wardrobe or a new car, but Dr. Greenberg explains that adolescents really want and need their parents to be present with them, to listen to them, to provide guidance instead of advice, and to let their teens speak up when they’re ready. It’s also important to let your kids know it’s not shameful or bad to ask for help. For more of Dr. Greenberg’s tips, follow the MNN link above.

June 19, 2016, Beth Greenfield, Yahoo Beauty

98% of Millennial Women Know Skin Cancer Is Deadly. So Why Are They Still Tanning?

If most millennial women know that melanoma is a deadly form of cancer, and that there’s no such thing as a “healthy tan,” then why do they still spend so much time in the sun? Dr. Barbara Greenberg says many people see tanning as a “very quick way to look refreshed and like they’ve just been on vacation.” Dr. Greenberg says tanning takes on an addictive quality, and that so many people tend to associate tans with youth. To read about the risks of tanning and the psychology behind it, visit the link above.

June 1, 2016, Beth Greenfield, Yahoo Beauty

When Appearance, from Acne to Hair Loss, Impacts Your Performance

Many people feel uncomfortable in their skin from time to time, whether they’re experiencing an occasional breakout or a bad hair day. But for some, skin or body imperfections can trigger intense feelings of shame and embarrassment that lead to absence from school, work or social functions. These people often feel that others will judge them negatively based on their appearance. Dr. Barbara Greenberg says, “I think people have to realize they are not a single part of their body, but a sum of their parts — they are not the pimple on their chin, they are not their thighs.” She adds, “People are more self-conscious than they need to be, as others are, for the most part, thinking about themselves, and not about how others look. Most are not taking an inventory of your body.” Read Dr. Greenberg’s additional comments by visiting the article link above.

May 25, 2016, Joanne Richard, Special to Postmedia Network
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Period Panic: Menstrual Hygiene Day Sheds Light on That Time of the Month

The words “menstruation” and “period” can create a real sense of drama and fear in women’s lives. Dr. Barbara Greenberg discusses how the sometimes painful, often dreaded menstrual cycle can force many women to alter their lifestyles. She also observes how women are too self-conscious or ashamed to even use the biological term “menstruating” when talking about their period. For Dr. Greenberg’s additional comments about the menstrual cycle, read the full article.

May 25, 2016, Buzzfeed, Anna Borges

19 Actually Helpful Ways to Support a Child with Depression

Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers several useful tips for helping children with depression. She encourages parents to get their child the professional help they need, to verbally acknowledge the pain the child is feeling, to be present for the child, to celebrate the good days, and very importantly, to never blame themselves for the child’s depression. For all of Dr. Greenberg’s detailed suggestions, take a look at the full article.

May 24, 2016, WebMD, Terry Yablonsky Stat

Is My Child Ready for a Cell Phone?

Dr. Barbara Greenberg weighs the pros and cons of letting a child have a cell phone. Ultimately, she believes parents should make the decision based on the child’s age, cognitive abilities and level of maturity. Dr. Greenberg says that when children use cell phones, they are more susceptible to cyber bullying, sleep deprivation and social isolation. There’s also the issue of potential exposure to violent or sexual content via the internet, which is something parents should never take lightly. To read the rest of Dr. Greenberg’s tips on children and cell phones, click the link above.

May 16, 2016, Yahoo Beauty, Beth Greenfield

HS Student Punished for Dyeing His Hair Pink in Support of Sick Friend

Daniel Bradbury, a teen in the U.K., was punished by school officials when he dyed his hair pink to support his gravely ill friend. Although some teachers may argue that brightly-colored hair is distracting and inappropriate for a school environment, Dr. Barbara Greenberg says hair coloring is actually a healthy form of self-expression that’s temporary, harmless, and a lot better than doing drugs or hurting someone. Dr. Greenberg explains, “Teens feel they have so little control over anything because of what’s going on with their bodies and because they’re between childhood and adulthood. This is a type of expression that’s harmless, and it’s not permanent. This is an area where parents can really pick their battles.” Read the full article to see Dr. Greenberg’s full response, and to find out what other parents are saying about the issue.

May 6, 2016, Yahoo Beauty, Beth Greenfield

When Women Enforce Sexist Dress Codes at Work

When female bosses impose sexist dress codes on their female employees, the result can be very disempowering. Dr. Barbara Greenberg says these sort of workplace requests can lead the employee to feel insecure and anxious over her appearance, possibly causing her work performance to decline. “In the face of anxiety, everything deteriorates,” she explains. “It’s a good way for women to lose their sure footing.” For the detailed explanation, check out the full article above.

May 4, 2016, Choices Magazine (Scholastic), Jessica Press

Who Said It?

Are boys better than girls at some things, and vice versa? The answer is no. Studies have shown that sex predicts little when it comes to academic or athletic ability. Dr. Barbara Greenberg says the key is to encourage both males and females to do whatever they like. For the full article, click on the link above.

May 2, 2016, Nylon, Sophie Saint Thomas

The Biggest Relationship Mistake Isn’t About Your Relationship

In this article, Dr. Barbara Greenberg discusses how important it is for those in romantic relationships to stay connected to their friends. She stresses that while romantic relationships are great to have, it’s also healthy to savor those memorable moments with your girlfriends. In addition, Dr. Greenberg explains that one person (e.g. a spouse, a boyfriend) should not carry all the emotional needs of one person. That’s what friends are for.

April 28, 2016, Women’s Health, Carrie Murphy

If Your Dad Was a Cheater, Will You End Up With a Cheater?

In her new album Lemonade, Beyoncé references her dad’s cheating as well as infidelity in her own relationship with Jay-Z. This begs the question, does a cheating parent set the stage for their child to one day choose romantic partners who also cheat? Dr. Barbara Greenberg says it’s possible, and that patterns learned in childhood and teen years can follow us into later life. For the full article, click the link above.

April 7, 2016, Yahoo Beauty, Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Here’s the Difference Between North West’s Hair Extensions and Playing Dress-Up

When Kim Kardashian posted Instagram photos of her two-year-old daughter North West sporting hair extensions, some people wondered, “is this sort of trend right for little girls?” Dr. Barbara Greenberg expresses her concern about this, explaining that the semi-permanent nature of extensions makes them “less about playing dress-up and more about beauty, in a way that is inappropriate for young children.” Dr. Greenberg adds that parents should make sure to focus on allowing their children to play, not to beautify and sexualize their appearance. Read the full article by clicking the link above.

March 11, 2016, Yahoo Beauty, Beth Greenfield

Is It OK for Little Girls to Dabble in Makeup?

Dr. Barbara Greenberg tells Beth Greenfield it’s a bad idea for parents to let their little girls play with cosmetics. Dr. Greenberg explains that girls are hyper-aware of external cues, and they eventually learn: “If I put more makeup on, if I dress in a certain way, if I sexualize myself, I’ll get more approval.” She adds that girls can become “almost slaves to their appearance and to what others think about their appearance.”.

February 3, 2016, Somesuch Stories, Sophie Saint Thomas

Childhood Sexuality and Shame

Sophie Saint Thomas recalls times during her childhood when she was shamed for expressing her sexuality. She writes about how she and several of her peers grew up believing their sexual feelings to be bad, sinful, and something to feel guilty about. Yet, Dr. Greenberg suggests that instead of shaming and scolding their kids for these sexual feelings, parents should instead stress that while these feelings come with parameters, they are nothing to be ashamed about. They are normal, and they will, “when appropriate, become part of the loveliness of their life,” says Dr. Greenberg. For the full article, click the link above.

February 1, 2016, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Inside ‘Grease: Live’ Star’s Triumphant Performance Day After Dad Dies

Many people were stunned that Vanessa Hudgens was able to deliver such a stellar performance in “Grease: Live” just one day after her father died of cancer. Some were shocked she could even go “on with the show” at all. Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains the potential reasons Hudgens was able to perform, and discusses the various, unpredictable ways in which humans grieve.

January 27, 2016, SafeBee, Marianne Wait

Duct Tape Challenge Disaster: Takeaways for Parents and Teens

Washington teenager Skylar Fish suffered life-threatening injuries after attempting the “duct tape challenge,” a popular game where teens bind each other with duct tape and see how quickly they can free themselves. In the article above, Dr. Barbara Greenberg shares practical ways for parents to approach their teens about the deadly consequences of these social media challenges.

January 14, 2016, Chicago Tribune, Heidi Stevens

What’s in That Bottle? More Colleges Check Applicants’ Social Media Pages

Kaplan Test Prep found that 40% of college admissions personnel turn to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media when seeking additional information about college applicants. So, when it comes to making sure high schoolers keep a clean online reputation, Dr. Barbara Greenberg says to actually “show them the data” instead of just sharing the information in a conversation. She explains, “Kids listen harder and more effectively when the information comes not only from their parents, but from other sources.” For more on social media and the college application process, read the full article above.

January 12, 2016, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

The Tragic Details Surrounding Girl’s Devastating Rape

In the aftermath of a horrific gang rape in Brooklyn, Dr. Barbara Greenberg stresses the 18-year old female victim’s need for immediate psychological treatment.

January 6, 2016, Style.Mic.Com, Sophie Saint Thomas

Can We Talk About How Absurdly Awkward Salons Can Be?

Do you ever feel awkward when your hairstylist or manicurist asks you inappropriate or invasive questions? If your answer is “yes,” Dr. Barbara Greenberg has a few tips for you–especially if you get the sense that you’re being judged in uncomfortable, public situations.

January 4, 2016, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Madonna’s Teenager Troubles: When Rebels Become Strict Parents

You may have heard a lot of people label Madonna as a major rebel of the 80s and 90s who has suddenly decided to become a tough parent. However, Dr. Barbara Greenberg has a different take. Read why she thinks our assumptions about this rebel Madonna may have been wrong. In the article above, Dr. Greenberg offers advice for parents who’ve been judged for their rebellious pasts and are now seen as hypocritical for being strict with their children.

December 14, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Could a Powerful Woman Ever Post a Baby Pic Like Mark Zuckerberg’s?

When Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo on Facebook of himself changing his newborn daughter’s diaper, the pic became “the most-liked diaper change ever.” Society tends to applaud men who share their parenting photos. But do they do the same for women? Many are starting to wonder whether mothers who post photos similar to Zuckerberg’s would get the same amount of praise. Read the article above to see what Dr. Barbara Greenberg has to say.

November 18, 2015,, Sophie Saint Thomas

Women Are Stopping An Anxious Skin Picking Habit with Fake Nails

It’s not uncommon for a person to pick at an occasional pimple. However, for many anxious people, especially women, skin picking can become a form of obsessive compulsive disorder fueled by anxiety and depression. Experts in this article, including Dr. Barbara Greenberg, explain why this compulsive picking occurs, and how artificial nails may actually help curb the problem.

November 18, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Why It’s Good That Your Kids Think You’re Uncool

Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains that teens enter a separation and individuation phase where they think their parents are “uncool.” Dr. Greenberg says this is completely normal, and actually a good thing. Read more to find out why.

November 18, 2015, Stylecaster, Ashley Papa

The New Girl Code: How Online Dating Can Mess with Your Friendships 

Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers advice on how to maintain friendships and avoid friendship drama while dating online. She says never to date a friend’s ex and to always show your friend who you are very interested in, especially if you are both using the same dating app. The bottom line: always keep the lines of communication as clear as possible.

December Issue, 2015, RealSimple, Brandi Broxson and Charla Mott

Now What? Smart Solutions for Life’s Little Disasters: Why My Child Cries When We Visit Santa

In the right-hand column of this RealSimple magazine article, Dr. Barbara Greenberg is quoted about the anxiety children often experience during developmental stages, particularly during a visit to Santa.

November 14, 2015,, Sarah Schwartz

9 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Grandkids

Many grandparents use phrases such as “because I said so” or “great job” when speaking with their grandchildren. Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains how several of these seemingly harmless phrases can do more harm than good, and suggests what grandparents should say instead.

November 13, 2015, Broadly, Sophie Saint Thomas

Campus Police Chief Who Said Most Sexual Assaults ‘Ain’t Rape’ Is Back on Duty

A Georgia college police chief named chief Bryan Golden said most rapes are “women waking up the next morning with a guilt complex.” Dr. Barbara Greenberg, who has treated many sexual assault survivors, responds to Golden’s assumption. She stresses that this exact kind of thinking makes sexually assaulted women even more afraid to come forward.

October 19, 2015,, Sophie Saint Thomas

How to Date a Rape Survivor

In the article above, Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers her professional advice on how to avoid trauma triggers when dating someone who has survived sexual assault. She also shares ways to create a safe, loving experience for both partners in the relationship.

October 30, 2015, YourTeen, Audrey Mann Cronin

The Value of Digital Busy Signals

Most parents like to hear from their teens at some point during the day just to know they’re safe. But how should parents react if their teens start to text them too frequently, expecting an immediate response? Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers her take on this modern problem, suggesting ways for parents to help teens become a bit more independent in this digital age of instant communication.

October 7, 2015,, Sophie Saint Thomas

The Conversation No One Wants to Have About Dating With a Mental Illness

If you are living with a mental illness, should you tell the person you’re dating? And if so, when? “I’m a big believer in not keeping secrets,” Dr. Greenberg told Mic. “You can’t get through life with secrets in relationships because then you’re starting off on the wrong foot, because all secrets breathe in life is anxiety. You find any family where there’s sort of a chronic level of anxiety, it’s often because there’s secrets and people aren’t being honest with each other.” For Dr. Greenberg’s candid, complete discussion, click the link above.

October 7, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Why Did Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter Go Public?

Why did Chelsea O’Donnell condemn her celebrity mother Rosie in an interview with the Daily Mail? Dr. Barbara Greenberg talks about possible reasons why an adolescent like Chelsea would speak so negatively about her mom.

September 16, 2015,, Sophie Saint Thomas

The One Problem 20-Something Couples Have That No One Talks About

Is there a “white elephant” in your bedroom? What’s the difference between a completely “dead bedroom” and just a dry spell? Dr. Barbara Greenberg chats about the bedroom issues that many 20-something couples face, offering her expert commentary along with a solution for solving the problem. 

September 11, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Why the DMV Denied a Driver’s License to a Teen With Depression

When a Texas teenager disclosed her medical history of depression on her license application form, officials at the driving center turned her away. In the above article, Dr. Barbara Greenberg along with other experts analyze and discuss the reality of the ever-present stigma attached to mental illness, how it continues to affect teens, and what to do about it.

September 6, 2015,, Sophie Saint Thomas

What Is It Like to Date When You Have Borderline Personality Disorder? shares a Q&A where Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains what it’s like to date someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. She offers helpful tips and words of encouragement, stating that although borderline individuals do experience painful emotions more intensely than some, it is highly possible for BPD patients to thrive, heal, and sustain loving, romantic relationships.

September 2, 2015, Toronto Sun, Victoria Revay

Shame on Those Who Fat-Shame

Fat-shaming has become an extremely controversial social media trend. More and more people have begun to name-call or poke fun at obese people, and much of this happens in blog threads, Facebook posts, or the comments sections of video feeds on YouTube. The latest fad is ThinnerBeauty, a website where users are able to alter their photos to look thinner and aim for their “skinny” weight. Dr. Barbara Greenberg provides feedback and offers her concerns as to why this is an unhealthy obsession.

August 28, 2015, SafeBee, Kathryn Olney

Avoiding Campus Sexual Assault: Playing It Safe in “The Red Zone”

With the beginning of the new school year, Dr. Barbara Greenberg discusses her concerns for the safety of freshmen women and provides valuable suggestions as to how they can protect themselves from sexual assault on campus while adjusting to student life.

August 27, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

University Will Tattle to Parents if Students Drink

The University of Michigan has vowed to call the parents of any student under 21 who is caught drinking if the incident includes property damage, a DUI, or the need for medical attention. Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains why she thinks this is a brilliant idea. “Kids are still very attached to parents at this age, even though that’s a well-kept secret. They are still teenagers, and much more worried about disappointing their parents than they are about making them angry.” That’s because disappointment, she explains, is a “softer, more loving kind of emotion that’s harder to tune out.” Read the full article above.

August 22, 2015, Broadly, Sophie St. Thomas

My Shrink Broke Up With Me

What leads psychologists to, in the rare case, terminate relationships with certain clients? Well, like in any other partnership, there needs to be a sense of chemistry as well as a solid professional relationship: “I call it the ‘relational bond.’ If that bond doesn’t exist, you really can’t do good therapy,” says Dr. Greenberg. Read the full article for a description of reasons that shrinks will tend to refer clients to someone else.

August 11, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Rachel Bertsche

Parents and Video Prankster Lure Teens on Facebook for Scary Lesson

Dr. Barbara Greenberg says it’s likely, more than parents could probably imagine, that teens do talk to strangers online and are tempted to meet them in person. “It’s not that teens don’t care about the risks, but what happens with teen girls is they weigh the benefits more than the risks, and it’s really exciting to get attention from a male. So they weigh those thrills more than ‘oh, this could happen to me.’” Read the entire article for Dr. Greenberg’s advice on how to teach teens to protect themselves from the dangers of teenagers’ online communication with strangers.

August 5, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Teen Wins Custody Battle for Siblings

Dr. Barbara Greenberg provides words of encouragement and offers a positive outlook on the story of 19-year-old Mackenzie Jackson, who won custody of her younger siblings after their parents died. “Age,” Dr. Greenberg says, “is not always the best determinant of who a good caregiver is. She could be a much better parent than someone who’s 35.” For the full article, click the link above.

August 3, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Mom of Slain Girl, Mom of Killer, Find Unexpected Bond

When eight-year-old Maddy Middleton was raped and murdered by her 15-year-old neighbor, Middleton’s mother, Laura Jordan, turned to Reggie Factor, the mother of the killer, for comfort and support. While many may fault the mother of the killer, Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers a deeper perspective and thoughtful opinion on Jordan’s reaction by discussing the grieving process. “They both did lose their child that day, and I don’t fault [Factor],” said Greenberg. However, she added, “You have to go through stages of grieving, and she’s putting closure on this so quickly, probably because she’s devastated and still in shock. Good if it works for her, though.”

June 30, 2015,, Meghan Walsh

Which is Worse: The Schoolyard Thug or the Cyberbully?

In this informative piece, Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains the difference between cyber and in person bullying as well as which type is more destructive.

June 21, 2015,, Sophie Saint Thomas

We Asked Three Experts How to Deal with Daddy Issues

On this Father’s Day, Sophie Saint Thomas interviews clinical psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg on the truth about daddy issues, why they exist, and how to deal with them. Dr. Greenberg explains, in one answer, that “How their father treats their mother is one of the most important things that ever goes on in a kid’s life. If a father treats the mother poorly, not only will it influence the [daughter]’s choice of partners later in life and what she’ll tolerate in terms of abusive or unkind behavior, but it will also influence the girl’s self-esteem.” For the complete interview, click the link above.

June 5, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Teen Whose Dad Publicly Shamed Her on YouTube Commits Suicide

Can public shaming have fatal consequences? Just days after her father allegedly cut off her long hair and put the footage on YouTube, 13-year-old Izabel Laxamana took her own life by jumping out of a moving vehicle on a highway. Now, experts like Barbara Greenberg are questioning whether these public shaming incidents alone can push a young person to suicide. “In all these cases where there’s bullying — and public shaming is a form of bullying — and then a suicide, there’s usually a history of depression and mental health issues,” Greenberg tells Yahoo Parenting. “I think shaming alone won’t do that to an otherwise resilient kid.” Click the link above to read more about Greenberg’s take on public shaming.

June 2, 2015, Today Parents, Terri Peters

Dad’s viral video sends message: don’t publicly shame kids to humiliate them

It’s not uncommon lately to see viral videos of parents shaming their disobedient children by giving them embarrassing haircuts or smashing their cell phones for all of the internet to see. But when one father created a parody video in which he hugs his son instead of humiliating him, several experts said this dad had the right idea. Dr. Barbara Greenberg discusses why she agrees with this man, and why she believes public humiliation is useless as well as detrimental to any child’s well being.

June 2, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Girls’ Photos Removed from Yearbook Because of What They Were Wearing

When Crystal Cumplido and Mari Champagne decided to wear shirts and ties instead of dresses in their yearbook photos, their high school administration decided to pull the photos, claiming that the girls failed to comply with the gender-specific dress code. Dr. Barbara Greenberg points out the negative effects of this high school’s decision to essentially shame these girls by removing the photos. She explains, “Erasing someone from [the yearbook] is erasing a piece of a person’s history. And when you do that, you erase a part of who they are and send the message that they’re less than — and it’s a really horrible message that adults have to start to take a look at.”

June 1, 2015, Mother Nature Network, Lambeth Hochwald

Is a picture of a slimmer you the way to lose weight? 

Visualize You is a new app that allows people to see what they would look like with a slimmer body. But experts like Dr. Barbara Greenberg say that this app might lead to frustration and low self-esteem. Click the link above to read the entire commentary and learn more about the app.

May 28, 2015, Toronto Sun, Joanne Richard

Canadian Women Unhappy with Their Appearance: Study

In this reflective and compelling piece about women and self image, Dr. Barbara Greenberg, among other experts, suggests a few reasons why women often feel more dissatisfied with their appearance than men.

May 6, 2015, MainStreet, Kathryn Tuggle

3 Ways Naturally Bossy People Can Successfully Handle Teamwork

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, among others, offers thoughtful tips and insights for team leaders who may be perceived as bossy or arrogant. The goal: to help leaders step out of their comfort zone and into a positive team mentality where working with and considering the viewpoints of others is key.

March 15, 2015, Toronto Sun, Joanne Richard

Are You Raising a Narcissist?

Complimenting a child’s accomplishments can be good, but what happens when parents go overboard in praising their kids? Dr. Barbara Greenberg weighs in on how constant praise can actually do more harm than good.

February 6, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Why High School Seniors Are Partying Less Than Their Parents Did

Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains the reasons adolescents are socializing and partying significantly less than teens in previous generations. While the decreased use of alcohol and cigarettes in teens is definitely a positive social change, you might be concerned when you find out what today’s teens are doing and thinking about in their spare time instead of socializing with peers.

January 26, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Inside the Bizarre Life of ‘Wolfpack’ Kids

Dr. Barbara Greenberg responds to the latest buzz about the Angulo boys, six teenagers who have been locked away in a Manhattan housing project all their lives. Dr. Greenberg discusses the potential negative effects of long-term isolation on these teenagers and what it could mean for them later in life.

January 24, 2015,, Meghan Walsh

Mean Girls, Meet Your Match

Is there a possible solution to breaking cliques and encouraging unlikely friendships among teens? Dr. Barbara Greenberg says yes, and offers her well-informed, thoughtful answer that involves revamping certain lunchroom policies at schools.

January 15, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Devastating Twist in Powerful Anti-Bullying PSA

In Beth Greenfield’s article above, Dr. Barbara Greenberg thoughtfully responds to the most recent anti-bullying YouTube video in which teens make kind and loving comments on others’ social media pages. Additionally, Dr. Greenberg offers an explanation as to why many teens fail to offer this kind of support on a regular basis.

January 14, 2015, MainStreet, Kathryn Tuggle

6 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing That Hold Back Your Career

Your career is as much about the image you project as it is about your actual skills. Read more about how you might be sabotaging your career and how to circumvent potential problems in the future. The above article features commentary and pointers from Dr. Barbara Greenberg that will surely guide you in the right direction.

January 10, 2015, Yahoo Parenting, Lambeth Hochwald

3 Reasons Divorce May Not Be So Bad for Your Kids

Into the Woods star Anna Kendrick recently opened up about her parents’ divorce, explaining that staying in an unhappy marriage for the kids is the wrong approach. Dr. Barbara Greenberg agrees, and offers three thoughtful tips for parents who are considering parting ways. Read the article above to find out more.

December 3, 2014, MainStreet, Kathryn Tuggle

Why More Families Say No to Big Gifts, and What They Do Instead

Instead of opening presents this holiday season, many people are opening their minds to something new: replacing store-bought gifts with thoughtful, shared experiences all family members can enjoy. Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers a few tips on how to introduce this new tradition to your family. Click the link above to learn more.

November 24, 2014, Women’s Health, Kristen Sollee

Your Ultimate Survival Guide for Meeting the Parents

Meeting your significant other’s parents this holiday season? No problem! Dr. Barbara Greenberg shares some valuable, practical tips on how to make the best impression when meeting the folks for the first time.

November 19, 2014, MainStreet, Kathryn Tuggle

Why You Should Keep Photos of Your Kids off Social Media

Dr. Barbara Greenberg thinks if you post photos of your kids on Facebook, you should do so with caution and thoughtfulness. Read the article above to find out why. Be sure to share your own thoughts in the comments section as well.

November 12, 2014, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

The Dangerous ‘Choking Game’ That Killed Four Kids in One Town

Social media platforms are infamously the home to many fads, trends and crazes that often become addictive. With all the recent press about the so-called “Choking Game,” it’s easy to wonder whether some teens are hooked on the rush of adrenaline they get from being intentionally strangled. Read the above article for Dr. Barbara Greenberg’s take on the semi-new idea of fun that can easily turn fatal.

November 11, 2014, Today, Terri Peters

Little princess: Mom’s hand-made Disney costumes help shy girl blossom

When you use your imagination, anything’s possible, right? In this heartwarming story, Terri Peters explores how one mom creatively fashioned old shower curtains, tablecloths, curtains and scraps of fabric into Disney costumes for her adorable 3-year-old daughter Lane. The goal? To help the shy toddler come out of her shell.  Dr. Barbara Greenberg commends a mother who would go to such lengths to help her child battle shyness. In addition, Dr. Greenberg offers tips, suggestions and words of encouragement to parents who may not have the time or talent to create a world of Disney magic with a sewing machine. Read the full article by clicking the link above.

October 30, 2014, Yahoo Parenting, Lambeth Hochwald

When Kids Don’t Call You ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’

Many are now discussing whether it’s appropriate for children to call their parents by first names (or anything other than typical ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad.’) Here, in this hot debate among experts and parents with mixed feelings about the situation, Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains her own point of view.

October 27, 2014, Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield

Latest School Shooting: What Causes a Teen to Snap?

In this online piece about troubled teens who become involved in tragic school shootings, Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains that the idea of popularity as a protective factor in high schools is a myth and that some of the most well-liked students can experience severe depression.

September 4, 2014, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Leah Fleming

Teens Bypass The Ice Bucket Challenge for More Risky Online Dares

In this online feature article and broadcast on the Georgia Public Radio Network, Dr. Barbara Greenberg clears up a few misconceptions about why teens participate in risky online challenges (such as the so-called “fire challenge”) with their peers. Click on the link above to read the article and listen to the radio episode.

August 28, 2014, Women’s Health Magazine, Kristen Sollee

3 Compromises You SHOULD Make In a Relationship

In this genuine and fun Women’s Health Magazine article, Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers commentary on how to find the happy medium in relationships.

September/October 2014, Your Teen Magazine, Randye Hoder

Surviving This Year’s Back to School

Randye Hoder of Your Teen Magazine features tips and advice from expert psychologists such as Dr. Barbara Greenberg, who offers her ideas for making the often-dreaded “back-to-school” time more bearable…and even enjoyable!

July 15, 2014, Men’s Health, K. Aleisha Fetters

Lies She Tells You

In this article from Men’s Health magazine online, Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers feedback on the six most common lies women tell men in order to feel a sense of acceptance and approval.

May 21, 2014, TODAY Moms, Laura T. Coffey

Yearbook Photos of Teen Moms Spark Backlash, Support

A high school yearbook that glamorizes teen pregnancy? Many parents and students are unhappy about the two-page spread in Mesa High School’s yearbook featuring teen students who are either pregnant or have babies. That’s where Dr. Barbara Greenberg comes in, explaining why the yearbook’s portrayal of teen pregnancy can actually have its benefits. Read more by clicking the title link above.

April 4, 2014, The Oman Daily Observer, Paul McLoughlin

The Rumour Has It in Social Media

In this interview, Dr. Greenberg suggests that although the internet is highly beneficial, it can also bring out the negative aspects of one’s personality.

March 28, 2014, The Daily Beast, Lizzie Crocker

Can Boys Be Coerced Into Sex?

Dr. Greenberg empathizes with teenage boys, discussing their feelings about sex and love that society often misconstrues.

April, 2014, Real Simple, Jennifer Bleyer, page 124

Here Comes Trouble

” ‘When a kid falls into the good graces of a queen bee or a pack leader, he often takes on at least some of that friend’s exclusivity,’ says psychologist Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D., a coauthor of Teenage as a Second Language.”

March 10, 2014, Toronto Sun, Joanne Richard, Special to QMI Agency

“Pregnancy-Shaming” Needs to Stop

“Pregnancy-shaming appears to be growing, agree experts. ‘Celebrities are observed almost constantly and when pregnant, there is even more to scrutinize and criticize,’ says Dr. Barbara Greenberg, clinical psychologist at”

January 27, 2014, HLN, Dr. Barbara Greenberg

Justin Bieber’s Arrest a Good Teaching Opportunity?

“[Dr. Barbara Greenberg] says even though they still admire him, teens aren’t likely to mimic Justin Bieber’s erratic behavior. See her recommendations for starting a conversation with your teen about Bieber’s troubles.”

December 13, 2013, The Daily Beast, Anna Brand

Can Your Grandpa Kick Your Ass?

“Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a teen clinical psychologist, therapist, and counselor[ …] believes tiredness is linked to anxiety levels. ‘We know that teens are plagued with anxiety these days because of all the pressures. In fact, in college, the No. 1 factor that leads students to go to counseling services is anxiety,’ she said.’Anxiety is very depleting and really drains our use of energy, but it decreases with age—it’s the one good thing about getting older!’


June 4, 2013, TODAY Moms, Jacoba Urist
Is fixing your teen’s ‘prom disaster’ helping or over-parenting?

“I was pretty hands off with the plans,” recalls Haskel. But her advice for parents: have teen boys try on their outfit ahead of time.

It’s important for parents to take prom seriously, says Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist, and to avoid dismissive comments like, “Oh, you won’t remember this next year anyway.”

Over the past few weeks, Greenberg says she’s seen parents and teens use “prom problems” as an opportunity to bond emotionally. In one instance, a teen boy felt pressure to go to the prom with his ex-girlfriend.

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May 11, 2013, Associated Press, Jesse Washington
For cleveland women, ordeal of recovery begins now

“It’s sort of like coming out of a coma,” says Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a psychologist who specializes in treating abused teenagers. “It’s a very isolating and bewildering experience.” “What a lot of these people say is, ‘What’s more important than what happened is how people react,'” says Greenberg, the psychologist.

The world has reacted to the Cleveland women with an outpouring of sympathy and support. This reaction will live on, amplified by the technologies that rose while the women were locked away.

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May 4, 2013, Associated Press, Martha Irvine
Teen immigrant angst _ a factor in bombings?

“Being a teenager itself is such a hard journey. That coupled with being an immigrant is very, very difficult,” says Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist who ran an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit at a hospital in New York for many years and whose patients included young immigrants.

She says the teen years are a particularly difficult time to fit in because social groups have formed, and cliques are tougher to break into.

“When you’re a little kid, social groups are more in flux,” says Greenberg, who still specializes in adolescents in private practice in Connecticut.

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February 21, 2013, Katie’s Take, Samara Mackereth
How to talk to your teen

Not only are their bodies changing physically but hormones are raging and bad moods are in full swing. Katie Couric spoke with Dr. Barbara Greenberg, parenting expert and clinical psychologist, all about how parents can talk with their teens and finally get some answers. Every parent wants to know what is going on inside their teenager’s head. While the normal instinct is to give them the third degree about their day Dr. Greenberg strongly encourages us not to interrogate temperamental teens.

Avoid direct, general questions like “How was your day?” or “How was the date?” Teens will respond more positively to indirect questions like “How was the movie?” because they aren’t ready to give you lots of information at once. Listening is an important part of any conversation, and interrupting your child may not get you much of a response at all.

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