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Dr. Greenberg is especially honored to be the Teen Dr. for Psychology Today. Since 2011, she has been answering questions from both parents and teens about issues ranging from how to deal with your teen’s emerging sexuality to how a teen should open up to parents about sensitive topics. She receives many letters from parents and teens from all parts of the world and tries in every instance to provide them with guidelines for tackling tricky issues.

88 Reasons Why Your Partner Might Break Up With You It is crucial to think before engaging in relationship-threatening behavior.

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Why Aren’t Our Girls and Women Eating? There are some unique reasons why females diet.

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10 Ways to Attract a Partner You can make yourself more desirable.

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What Ghosters Are Really Thinking And Feeling Ghosters have many reasons why they dismiss you.

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What Mothers Get Wrong About Estrangement Mothers and adult children often differ about reasons for estrangement.

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Couples and Their Biggest Misunderstandings Couples can make problematic assumptions.

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How to Deal With Gift Disappointment “My husband always gets me the wrong gifts.”

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Gateway Touching: A Lesser-Known Form of Sexual Abuse Gentle and subtle touching may lead to more inappropriate touching.

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Help! I Don’t Like My Child These relationships can change with both effort and mindfulness.

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What’s a Mother to Do When Adult Children Fight? There are clear predictors of estrangement.

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5 Ways to Help Daughters Who Dislike Their Bodies by If you are female, you are more likely to dislike your body.

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8 Ways To Deal With the Loss of a Pet Pet loss can be devastating for anyone. Allow others to discuss their feelings and their grief. It is not advisable to immediately replace the pet.

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Different Ways You Might Handle an Affair

Individuals vary in their reactions to infidelity.

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Why Do Couples Really Fight About Money?

There are multiple reasons why money is such a hot topic.

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What Do Your Lies Say About Your Personality? Not all lies are created equal; some lies are harmless, others can be harmful.

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Why Families Fight During Wedding

A reader seeks advice about family tension in the lead-up to a wedding.

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A Pause May Save Your Relationship

There is something you can do before damaging a connection.

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The Collateral Damage of Estrangement

Those caught in the middle of a cutoff can experience significant stress.

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8 Major Friendship Missteps

Friendships require work and attention.

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10 Ways to Show Support After Learning of a Suicide

How to reach out to a friend grieving a death by suicide.

8 Ways to Help Your Child With School Rejection

Your children may struggle with the college and graduate school process.

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6 Ways To Get Your Friend Back After a Fallout

Losing a friend can be devastating.

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Sibling Relationships and Prince Harry’s New Book

There is much to be learned about sibling dynamics from Harry’s memoir.

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How Couples Can Make Relationships Work Despite Conflict

There is something you can do to lessen the effects of arguing. Read More.

Abused Men: Five Painful Issues They Face

Male victims of intimate partner violence struggle on many levels.  Read more.

My Adult Daughter Cut Me Off

How to deal with being cut off. Read more.

Narcissists and Danger: What You Must Learn

Narcissism is about a lot more than grandiosity and a bloviating style. Read More.

How to Bulletproof Your Second Marriage

Second marriages are at higher risk for failure. Read More 

What Makes My Teen Daughter Boring?

My daughter has very few friends. Read more.

4 Ways to Effectively Deal With Gossip

Gossip has a surprising effect on mental health. Read More.

Are You in a Good Marriage or an Invisible Divorce?

A marriage that appears healthy may actually be in bad shape. Read more.

Why We Should Put Our Phones Down

A new study reveals a surprising way that we may enjoy ourselves. Read more

5 Ways Rage Can Destroy Relationships

There is a cost to unloading on others. Read more 

I Found a New Relative on Ancestry. Now What?

Finding new relatives may stir up complicated emotions.

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Do You Want to Change Your Personality? 

New research explains how the way you look at the world affects your character. Read more.

What Do Your Spending Habits Say About Your Personality? Can spenders and savers really be compatible.

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Sexting and Relationship Satisfaction

The way a couple sexts tells us much about their relationship. Read more 

What to Say When a Friend Tells You She’s Getting a Divorce

Opening up about a divorce is a very sensitive moment. Read More. 

Couples and Relationship Satisfaction During Illness

How to maintain well-being and a good relationship during serious illness. Read More.

Texting Style and Romantic Relationship Satisfaction

Research suggests successful texting styles. Read More 

4 Reasons Why Friendships End

Research explains why friendships deteriorate. Read More 

One Reason Why You Might Feel an Instant Connection

Research explains why people may feel connected quickly. Read More 

My Husband Has Been Ignoring Me Since I’ve Become Depressed

A depressed wife is afraid she will lose her husband. Read More 

My Mother Allowed Her Husband to Abuse Me and I’m having trouble forgiving my mother.

While you may never be able to forgive your mother, a relationship is still possible. Read more 

5 Ways to Manage Disappointment

Disappointment can lead to a downward spiral. These tips can help. Read more

5 Ways to Manage the Winter Blues

Dealing with shorter and dark days is difficult. These tips could help. Read More.

10 Ways to Manage Rejection

It is impossible to be liked by everyone.  Read More

5 Reasons Why This Is The Worst Question Ever

This question can be both counterproductive and off-putting. Read More

Are You Missing a Key Ingredient in Eating Disorders?

It’s not just about family dynamics; there is something else we may be missing. Read More

10 Reasons Why Couples Stop Having Sex

Understanding why a couple’s sex life has stopped is the first step toward improving it. Read More

5 Ways to Stop Scapegoating Your Body

There are many ways to deal effectively with this common feeling. Read more

7 Ways You May Be Failing Your Perfect Child

Children labeled as “perfect” suffer in a number of ways. Read more

10 Ways Not to Lose Your Friends

There are many reasons why your friends may drop you. Read more

Should I Break Up With My High School Sweetheart?

A teen questions the future of a relationship. Read More

I’m Terrified To Return To Work During Covid-19

Re-entering life is difficult. Read More

My Mother Depends on Me Too Much  

What to do if your mother is too needy. Read More

The Many Ways to Help a Person Dealing with Grief
Are you a source of comfort to a grieving person? Read More

6 Ways to Turn Jealousy Into Joy
Is jealousy destroying your relationships? Read More

I Can’t Deal with My Mother’s Pandemic Irritability
Pandemic irritability is very taxing. Read More

Help! I Can’t Sleep
There are so many ways to improve sleep. Read More

Do You Lack This Important Quality?
This characteristic may enhance your relationships. Read More

Does Your Mother Have An Under/Over Style?
There are many reasons why your mother may be confusing. Read More

I Need Help with My Cruel Mother
My mother is my worst enemy. Read More

I’m Angry About Getting Sick Despite A Healthy Lifestyle
Life is not always fair. Read More

Has Your Friendship With Karen Run Its Course?
Your friendship may have expired. Read More

The Pandemic Is Destroying My Marriage
Don’t let Covid-19 destroy your relationship.

I Overheard My Parents Having Sex
The idea of my parents having sex is very upsetting. Read More

An Open Letter to Our Bullies
It is important to understand what motivates a bully. Read More

Coronavirus Etiquette: 10 Suggestions
We need to treat others with care during this time. Read More

12 Considerations Before Getting Back Together With An Ex
There are many reasons why revisiting old relationships can be problematic. Read More

30 Phrases That Will Help You Live An Easier Life
We all need mantras to live by. Read More

Do You Know The 3 Best Ways to Deal With Rejection?
We all dislike feeling ignored and rejected. Read More

Should You Tell Your Child Your Biggest Secret?
Some secrets can cause family tension. Read More

5 Reasons Why We Keep Relationship-Damaging Secrets
Sex is not necessarily the most difficult topic. Read More

Managing Stress When Your Child Is Depressed Or Anxious
Dealing with your child’s difficulties can be extremely stressful. Read More

The College Transition: 10 Ways To Be Present for Your Child
There are effective strategies to help your child transition to college life. Read More

The 15 Worst Things To Say In Conversation: Part 2
There are certain statements that can ruin a conversation. Read More

The 18 Worst Things To Say In Conversation
We should all think before we speak. Read More

Is It the Thought Or Is It the Gift That Matters?
Gift-giving is a complicated matter. Read More

10 Ways To Determine If You Are Boring
There are ways to ensure that you remain interesting. Read More

The 5 Best Ways To Ruin a Friendship
There are many ways that friends can disappoint each other. Read More

My Husband Refuses To Take Care Of Himself
Your husband’s lack of self-care may be making you feel very distressed. Read More

5 Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety
Do you have trouble saying good bye to your adult kids? Read More

5 Creative Ways To Defuse An Argument
You can learn how to handle arguments creatively. Read More

The Secret To Avoiding Embarrassment
We all experience awkward moments. Read More

How Do I Get My Mother To Like Me?
I need my mother’s approval. Read More

8 Amazing Ways Teens Change As They Become Young Adults
Your teens will become easier over time. Read More

8 Secrets To Handling Criticism
Criticism doesn’t need to be so painful. Read More

I Am A Failure As A Mother
I wish I had been a better mother. Read More

Protecting Children From Relationship Obsession
“I’m limiting social media use to stop my child from obsessing. Is that okay?” Read More

Sending Depressed Teens To College
There are many ways to help depressed teens transition to college. Read More

Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lie
My lying caused stress. Read More

Why Do Women Always Want To Be My Friend And Not Date Me?
Why do I always get put in the friend zone? Read More

5 Ways to Strengthen A Long Distance Relationship
I’m nervous about my relationship. Read More

5 Reasons Why “Too Nice” Doesn’t Work
My boyfriend is too nice and I can’t stand it. Read More

The Upside of Anxiety: 5 Ways It Helps Us Be Our Best Selves
There are some healthy aspects of anxiety. Read More

In Praise of Our Boys and How We Can Help Them
8 ways to raise great boys Read More

5 Surprising Reasons We Get Through The Day
We all need to know the secrets that get us through the day. Read More

The Five Most Common Parenting Mistakes
It’s not easy to be a perfect parent. Read More

My Son Came Home From College and I’m Ashamed
I’m ashamed that my son didn’t stay in college. Read More

Family Cutoffs and Relationship Disintegration
When relatives cut each other off Read More

The Problem With Assuming Others Are Perfect
What happens when we assume others are perfect Read More

I Am Upset That My 14-Year-Old Is Sexually Active
How to handle your teen’s sexual activity Read More

10 Ways To Have An Easier Relationship With Your In-Laws
How to make in-law relationships less complicated Read More

I Like My Friend’s Ex Boyfriend
What to do when you like your friend’s ex Read More