Dr. Barbara Greenberg has appeared on a variety of national and local television productions. Dr. Greenberg receives frequent requests to provide her professional opinion on parenting and teen issues. Katie Couric has interviewed her on numerous psychological topics. In addition, Dr. Greenberg has provided her expert opinion on networks such as CNN and HLN and has appeared on both Good Morning America and ABC Nightline. Dr. Greenberg continues to receive requests to appear on television on a consistent basis. Audiences find her both easy to relate to and very informative.

The Cinderella Challenge

A controversial weight loss trend called the Cinderella Challenge is provoking young women to strive for an unrealistically small waistline. Dr. Barbara Greenberg says, “To get that kind of body they engage in strenuous dieting, get frustrated, start to dislike their bodies and sometimes the dieting can lead to eating disorders.” She adds, “If you can achieve the thigh gap or if you can achieve a Cinderella sort of body, you become a member of what the girls think of as a superior club – and that’s the problem.” Dr. Greenberg says parents should be aware of what these trends are and talk to their girls about it. For more information, watch the video above.


There’s been a recent movement in some American and European schools to ban the term “best friend.” Dr. Barbara Greenberg says the idea of banning the phrase is a very intriguing social experiment. “I see kids come in all week long who are feeling dreadful because they are excluded and because they’re either nobody’s best friend or because their best friend has moved on,” she says. The point is to teach children from an early age to be inclusive rather than exclusive. “You can’t really ban somebody from having a best friend, but what the schools are trying to do is they’re foster the idea of kids having more than a single friend,” fostering a happier environment for all the students. For the full clip, watch the video linked above.


Micro cheating refers to a small series of actions that don’t quite meet the definition for cheating, for example, frequent confiding with someone outside of the relationship or marriage. Dr. Barbara Greenberg says, “The difference between a friendship and micro-cheating is that friendships are usually not kept secret, but when you’re talking to somebody and keeping it secret, that starts to meet the definition of micro-cheating.” Other examples of micro-cheating include giving an attractive waitress or waiter an excessively large tip or neglecting to mention a significant other in a conversation as to appear single on purpose. To all those who may be micro-cheating, Dr. Barbara Greenberg says, “Sit down and think what purpose micro-cheating is serving you. Are you unhappy in your current relationship or is this just a temporary indiscretion?” To watch the full CBS news segment, click on the video above.


Miracle Mineral Solution, also known as MMS, has been touted on the internet as a cure for various illnesses. However, experts say the solution contains the same ingredient as household bleach and that it could have potentially harmful effects on the body. So, why do people continue to consume this potentially hazardous mixture? Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains that the power of suggestion plays a major role in why so many are taking part in this craze. “People perceive an ineffective treatment as effective simply because of their expectations,” she says. To learn more about the controversial solution, watch the full news clip shared above.

Not So Secret

With a montage of relevant teen film clips in the background of this video, Dr. Barbara Greenberg addresses a variety of important topics about adolescence. Her helpful advice includes ways teens can begin to develop a sense of identity, how both teens and parents can handle bullying, and other issues like overcoming self-consciousness, the Spotlight Effect, and building resiliency.

Revenge for Hire

There’s an alarming new industry where people are being hired to take revenge for others who feel they have been unfairly wronged – for example, those who’ve been dumped or canned from a job. The goal? To make the lives of the offender a living hell. “When people feel like they’re getting harmed or even socially rejected, the natural instinct is to want to right a wrong,” said Dr. Barbara Greenberg. In addition, Greenberg said the act of revenge actually activates the pleasure center of the brain. “It’s like taking drugs — you get that high,” she said. For the rest of Dr. Barbara Greenberg’s comments, watch the full video above.

Fake Death

Many people have said they would like to escape from reality or disappear for a while. However, some who have been unable to cope with challenging circumstances (e.g. work, stress, debt, etc.) have gone to the total extreme of faking their own deaths. Elizabeth Greenwood, who staged a fatal car accident in the Philippines to escape from her overwhelming student loan debt, reflects on lessons learned from planning her own demise. In addition, Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers candid, professional insights about what is referred to as “pseudocide.” Watch the video above to hear her thoughts.

Snapchat Surgery

The latest venture in social media comes to us live from hospital operating rooms. One NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew Schulman, is known for sharing 10-second Snapchat videos and images of actual surgeries – everything from laser peels to breast implants. Dr. Schulman says he receives half a million viewers per day. Yet, while many people are fascinated and intrigued, Dr. Barbara Greenberg believes our society has crossed a privacy line by exposing such personal moments. She says, “I think the pendulum has swung too far, and that we are too public about things, but I think we need to find a middle ground.”

Extreme Kidnapping

Dr. Barbara Greenberg is very concerned about two trends, including individuals paying to be kidnapped and the social media trend among teens posting YouTube videos about kidnapping or almost kidnapping stories. In this video, she expresses her deep concern about kidnapping as entertainment.

Break-up App

Got a serious case of cold feet? For $10, one app will send a personalized break up note to your not-so-significant other. Watch the video above to hear why Dr. Barbara Greenberg thinks using break up apps can be a big mistake.

Digital Amnesia

Can relying on technology cause “digital amnesia”? Dr. Barbara Greenberg says, “We no longer have information on the tip of our tongue because we have the info at our fingertips.” Dr. Greenberg and other experts suggest that our modern dependence on smart phones and the internet can, in a way, start to make us lose our minds. Watch the clip above for more information.

The Anger Room

The Anger Room is a place where people can pay to smash and destroy everything from computers to mannequins to old television sets. While some think throwing computers and breaking baseball bats is a healthy way to unleash negative emotions and prevent people from lashing out in public, Dr. Barbara Greenberg says this behavior can possibly have the opposite effect. For more information, watch the video clip above.

“Resting Bitch Face”

Have you ever been told you look upset or angry? Many people call this “resting bitch face” or “RBF.” Experts say this type of expression on your face can actually affect your mood. However, it can also affect the way others perceive you. Dr. Barbara Greenberg says this is called “facial stereotyping,” and explains more about it in the video above.

New Fatherhood

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see a single dad adopting children or selecting a surrogate to carry a child to term. In this video, various single fathers discuss the unexpected joys of parenthood. Dr. Barbara Greenberg provides her analysis and spin on this modern, non-traditional form of parenting that just so happens to work beautifully when love is present in the parent-childhood relationship.

Security Brief Parental Shaming

On this episode of Security Brief with Paul Viollis, Dr. Barbara Greenberg suggests to the live audience a proactive approach to parenting instead of punishment by shaming children publicly on social media sites. She explains why she’s not an advocate for this form of punishment and suggests that children should be allowed to learn from their mistakes by doing “repair work.” Learn more by watching the segment above.

The Tingles

Dr. Barbara Greenberg provides feedback about what is known as audio sensory meridian response, or ASMR — a term for a pleasurable sensation in the head, spine, neck or rest of the body triggered by exposure to specific kinds of sounds often considered to be very relaxing. This might include tapping, crinkling of paper, or whispering. Watch the video to learn more about this phenomenon, which is one of the latest stress-relieving trends throughout the internet, and more specifically, YouTube.


In this nightly news segment, Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers some insight about “dudeoir,” the male version of boudoir photography in which men pose for the camera to reveal a sexier, more intimate side of themselves. Dr. Greenberg suggests that this role reversal of a hobby long-reserved for women can be healthy…and even fun.

Psychic Therapy

In this CBS Evening News clip, Dr. Barbara Greenberg explains the reasons people seek the guidance of psychics or tarot card readers, and she also suggests when it may be a good time to tap into additional, more practical resources for improving one’s life.

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Tattoos

Several teenage YouTubers and bloggers are getting excited about doing their own permanent tattoos at home. While tattoo artists argue that this is a very dangerous and potentially life-threatening way to express creativity, a portion of YouTube’s million-plus viewers who have viewed videos about these do-it-yourself tattoos may be engaging in this highly risky trend. In the CBS News clip above, Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers her professional opinion on the health and safety risks of tattooing at home.

The Secret Lives of Teens: Selfies

Many teens are obsessed with taking photos of themselves and posting these snapshots on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. You might wonder, is there something wrong with this? Is it a dangerous habit that leads to depression? Or is it simply a part of our culture that helps adolescents find a sense of identity and approval from their peers? Watch the special segment above to hear Dr. Barbara Greenberg’s take on the situation.

One Size Fits Small?

The popular teen clothing line Brandy Melville only carries one size – and some say that size is just too small. In fact, many argue that the brand deliberately discriminates against those girls who have curves and bigger chests. Dr. Barbara Greenberg provides commentary on the above video segment that explores this pressing issue.

Young, Hot & Crooked: Killer Looks

Dr. Barbara Greenberg explores the mind of a killer in this episode of the popular I.D. Discovery series.

Young, Hot & Crooked: Blood Brothers

In this tragic story of lust and friendship gone awry, Dr. Greenberg provides her psychological perspective and insights on a brutally vicious murder.

The Truth About Hazing

You may have heard that college students will engage in crazy rituals in order to become part of a sorority or fraternity. This is called hazing, where students will allow others to bully, embarrass or harass them into submission — just so they’ll be “accepted” into a certain group. Hazing has existed since the late 1800s, but like Dr. Barbara Greenberg says, “Just because something is a tradition doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.” Watch the video above to learn how hazing can be a very dangerous activity linked to peer pressure, bullying and manipulation in order to become popular.

24-Hour Makeover

On this special segment, Dr. Barbara Greenberg weighs in about the extreme measures women will take in order to have their vision of the ideal physique.

The Affluenza Epidemic

In this segment from ID Discovery’s show “Young, Hot and Crooked,” Dr. Barbara Greenberg analyzes a scenario of what many call the “affluenza” epidemic, or the dilemma in which extremely wealthy teens fail to understand the consequences of their actions.

Back-To-School Anxiety in Teens

In this WPIX-11 segment, Dr. Barbara Greenberg dishes on Back-To-School anxiety and offers ways for teens and their parents to cope.

Dr. Barbara Greenberg on Martha Stewart Living Radio

Part One   |  Part Two

In the above audio clips, Dr. Greenberg connects with her audience and candidly addresses the following topics regarding coping mechanisms of teenagers and children: Coping with terminally ill parents; Death, dying, and grief; Teenagers’ curiosity about sex; How to introduce children to adolescence; When to allow a child to go somewhere alone; How to handle divorce, and more.

The Fire Challenge

Dr. Greenberg talks about the psychology behind and dangers of the latest teen obsession with setting themselves on fire and posting the video on YouTube.

Matt Townsend interviews Dr. Barbara Greenberg:
An Enlightening Talk about Today’s Teens

Throughout her in-depth, 40-minute interview on The Matt Townsend Show, Dr. Barbara Greenberg offers compassionate, thoughtful insights and tips for parents of today’s teenagers. She provides a wise perspective on the big, often uncomfortable changes that occur in adolescents and shares her best tips for keeping parent-teen interactions as positive, upbeat and light as possible. Click the link above to listen.

The Bystander Effect

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, along with two other commentators, discusses onlookers’ failure to help in an emergency and the idea of violent video clips as a form of what is often called “social currency.”

Can Bullying Be Stopped?

Dr. Barbara Greenberg weighs in on bullying in schools on WPIX-11.

Isolated Young Adults

Dr. Barbara Greenberg comments on the UCSB shootings on PIX11.

My Little Brony

Dr. Barbara Greenberg talks with Kirstin Cole about the meaning of the “Brony,” a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that “resonates with an unlikely demographic beyond little girls.”

Body-Altering Apps: Dangers of the New Kind of Selfie

In the CBS News video clip above, Dr. Greenberg comments on the new social apps that alter and airbrush the faces and bodies of their users. She is concerned about these photo-shopping apps and the negative effect they could have on body image:

“I like people to embrace who they are and to feel good about who they are naturally,” says Dr. Greenberg.

Can Teen Boys Be Coerced into Sex?

Dr. Greenberg talks about the sexual bullying of teenage boys and the need to “be sensitive to the tender feelings” of these young boys. Learn more by clicking on the video above.

Unruly Teen

Dr. Greenberg on WPIX 11 discussing “Unruly Teens” & “The Teen Who Is Suing Her Parents for College Tuition Money.”

Teens Confess How Long They Could Give Up Social Media

Dr. B. teams up with Hooplaha to find out how long teens can live without social media.

Decoding Dating Lingo

Psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg and Jamie Isaacs, a 17-year-old high school senior from Long Island, stopped by the Morning News to explain the changing culture of teen dating.

Teens Describe Their Dream Date

Dr. Barbara Greenberg teams up with Hooplaha to find out about teens & their idea of an ideal date.

Dr. Barbara Greenberg Discusses School Safety

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist, discusses how parents can most effectively address the issue of school safety with their children. Here she is on PIX 11’s Mom’s The Word.

Dr. Barbara Greenberg Talks Political Sex Scandals

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist, discusses the psychology associated with politicians and sexual scandals. She discusses the role of the politician and the marital partner on PIX 11 Morning News.

Barbara Greenberg On Adults In Non-Romantic Relationship Who Are Raising Kids Together – CNN

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist and parenting expert, is back on CNN talking to Brooke Baldwin and Poppy Harlow. She addresses the recent trend of adults who are not in a marriage and are raising kids together. Dr. Greenberg believes that the quality of parenting is more important than whether or not the adults are romantically involved with each other.

Barbara Greenberg On Ohio Slave Girls: Their Story – Channel 5 UK – Discovery Channel

Dr. Greenberg discusses the ordeal faced by the three young women in Cleveland Ohio who were kidnapped and sexually assaulted for a decade. She discusses the psychological mechanisms that helped the girls cope with the situation. In addition, she discusses how the girls were forced to look out for one another in life and death situations created by the kidnapper. The story is unusual in that three young women were kidnapped, formed an unusually strong bond and were helpless in the face of unspeakable conditions and torture.

Barbara Greenberg on Teenage Thigh Gap – Good Morning America

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist, is being interviewed by Juju Chang, on ABC’s Good Morning America. They are discussing a dangerous trend among teen girls referred to as the “thigh gap.” Teen girls are putting themselves at risk to develop eating disorders and body image problems while striving to develop a gap between their thighs. Dr. Greenberg believes that this obsession is being fueled by social media.

Barbara Greenberg On Teenagers Taking Selfies – Nightline – ABC News

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a parenting and teens expert and clinical psychologist, is being interviewed by Juju Chang on ABC’s Nightline. They are discussing the teen trend of “selfies”-teens taking photos of themselves and then posting them on social media websites for approval by peers. Dr. Greenberg is concerned about the impact of this trend on teens’ self-esteem and overall mental health.

Barbara Greenberg On Teen Shaming & Bullying – Raising America – HLN

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, the parenting-teens expert and clinical psychologist is being interviewed on HLN’s Raising America by Kyra Philips. They are discussing the tragic teen trend of rape followed by social media humiliation known as “slut-shaming.” Dr. Greenberg discusses how the combination of teens, alcohol and social media can be a deadly mix leading to teen suicide.

Barbara Greenberg Interview with Katie Couric – Katie’s Take – ABC News

Dr. Barbara Greenberg is being interviewed by Katie Couric on a variety of issues that concern parents of teens. Dr. Greenberg shares tips about how to get your teens to talk to you, keeping the conversation going and talking to your teens about sex and drugs. Finally, Dr. Greenberg explains all of the reasons why positive communication between parents and teens is so important.

Barbara Greenberg On Teen Shaming and Suicide – CNN

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist and parenting teens expert, is being interviewed on CNN about the tragic suicide of Audrie Pott. Dr. Greenberg discusses reasons that may explain why the teens who viewed internet photos of Audrie’s sexual assault all failed to go to the police. She discusses the importance of parents of teens educating their children that they must not only look out for themselves but for one another as well.

Barbara Greenberg On Coping with Teenage Sexual Abuse

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist and author, is on Fox News discussing the effects of childhood sexual abuse on teenagers. Dr. Greenberg explains that depression, anxiety, substance abuse and difficulty with relationships are sad but not infrequent responses. She also explains that the abuse often happens at the hands of those with whom the children are familiar rather than by strangers. Finally, she explains that the parents’ reaction to learning of the abuse is a critical part of recovery. Those who have the support of their parents are more likely to have a better long-term outcome.

Barbara Greenberg On Being Friends With Your Kids – The Daily Buzz

Dr. Barbara Greenberg speaks with Mitch English about parents and teens on The Daily Buzz which is a nationally syndicated morning show. The topic which is whether or not parents should be friends with their teens resonates with many parents. Dr. Greenberg explains why parents should be parents not friends to their teens and explains a number of reasons for her strong opinion.

Barbara Greenberg On Being A Friend vs Parent – The Daily Buzz

Dr. Barbara Greenberg discusses both how to get your teens to talk to you and whether or not to act as your teen’s friend on The Daily Buzz. On this segment of this nationally syndicated morning show she speaks with Andy Campbell and Brandi Williams. Dr. Greenberg provides ways to get your teens talking and to keep them talking. She also discusses the reasons why parents should stay in the parent role rather than the friend role with their teens. You may be surprised to learn that teens actually want structure and rules. Dr. Greenberg tells you the secrets that the teens will never tell you!

Barbara Greenberg On Teen Prom With Jerry Springer – Fox – CTnow

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist and parenting and teens expert, and Jerry Springer discuss prom issues on Fox’s Ctnow. In a moment of honesty, Jerry Springer admits that he was stood up for his prom. Dr. Greenberg discusses both the excitement and stress associated with the prom. She discusses several prom-related issues including the new trend of “promposals”, safety tips for your teenagers and why parents should take all things prom-related seriously.

Barbara Greenberg On Spanking – Morning Extra – Fox – CTnow

Dr. Barbara Greenberg discusses the harmful effects of spanking on Fox’s Ctnow. She discusses the link between childhood spanking and mental health issues in later life. In addition she discusses a number of alternatives to spanking which are, in her opinion, more effective.

Barbara Greenberg on Sexting – Morning Extra – Fox – CTnow

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist and teen expert, discusses the dangerous teen trend of sexting on Fox’s Ctnow. Teens are sending both sexually explicit text messages and photos to peers and at times to strangers. Dr. Greenberg reviews the statistics, why teens are engaging in this sort of behavior and how parents of teenagers can intervene.

Barbara Greenberg On Parenting Teens & Social Media – The Daily Buzz

Dr. Barbara Greenberg speaks with Andy Campbell and Brandi Williams on The Daily Buzz about parenting tech-savvy teens. She discusses how to enforce social media etiquette, rules and when the use of social media turns into a harmful addiction. Clearly, parenting teens of this generation has been made more complicated by the introduction of social media into the lives of teens.

Barbara Greenberg On Teen Sex Discussion – The Daily Buzz

Dr. Barbara Greenberg discusses teens and sexuality on The Daily Buzz which is a nationally syndicated morning show. Here she discusses whether or not parents should allow their teens to have sex at home. Dr. Greenberg believes that parents should act as parents not as friends to their teenage children. She defines the role of the parent in terms of educating teens about their sexuality. You will particularly enjoy this video as Dr. Greenberg talks not only with Mitch English but also with his teenage son Carter. It is always enlightening to get the teenage perspective.


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