5 Ways to Make Your Teen Happy

When we talk about teens we usually discuss how to get them to talk, how to manage their surliness, or even how to set limits with them. Today I am going to talk about teens in a slightly different way. I am going to tell you how to make teens happy. That’s right! This is a totally different way of approaching the teen set;right? Well, my intention today is to teach you how to make your teens smile. So here goes:

1. Surprise them with something that they aren’t expecting. Parents are always so busy setting limits, saying no and asking questions. Parents frequently assume that teens are up to no good. How about flipping the script a bit and assuming that the teens have good intentions and would be thrilled to be treated in an upbeat and special way? Consider purchasing some
concert tickets, getting them movie tickets or even spending extra time with them. My guess is that they will be delighted. Don’t we all like treats and surprises?

2. Point out something that they do that is just simply adorable. Do this when they are alone not when their friends are around. You know that sweet way that your daughter treats the dog? Or how about how nice your teen son is with his younger brother? Point it out in an appreciative and complimentary manner. This is the version of “catch em being good” for teens.

3. Say yes when they expect you to say no. I’m not suggesting that you say yes to an unsupervised party. Perhaps, instead, you can extend their curfew one night just because…

4. Say something positive about one of their friends. Teens are so used to having parents criticize their friends. A compliment will be more than appreciated.


5. Consider giving your teenager a mental health day, that is, a day off from school and sports. Let them sleep, recharge and refresh themselves. They will love you for this. Even if they choose not to take a mental health day they will still be thrilled that you offered it to them.

Good luck and have fun!