A Parenting Teens Expert Review: HBO’s Girls Season 1 Week 3

Each episode is increasingly exposing the girls’ vulnerabilities. I love this because I feel that as a group-young women are extremely frightened not only of their own vulnerabilities but that they are fearful that they are alone with these feelings.

The usually self-possessed Marni is feeling lonely and unsure of herself and is attempting to fill this void by having sex with different men. Hanna, in an attempt, to be a successful writer is willing to try cocaine so that she can write a freelance article about it. When her experience with cocaine goes awry she turns to Laird, her downstairs neighbor, for what appears to be a night of sex and physical connection.

Connection, the lack of it and attempts to feel connected appear to be the thread that runs through this very intense episode. Hanna feels betrayed by both Marni and Elijah when she finds out that they attempted to have sex because she feels that they withheld information from her. She also wanted to believe that she was Elijah’s last female sex partner.
These young women are desperately struggling to feel connected. The lengths they will go to are sad, sometimes frightening and seem to be leading to great disappointment. 

I  am rooting for all of these girls AND their male friends to find some meaningful connections. They sure are trying.