Bling Ring-The Movie and the Teens

I saw Bling Ring last night. The movie which was directed by none other than Sophia Coppola was intoxicating. This movie is based on a true life story of a group of privileged teens from Calabasas California who robbed or “shopped” in the homes of celebrity style icons.

This group of privileged teens has also been referred to as either “The Bling Ring” or the “Hollywood Burglars.” I have also heard them referred to as the teen robbers who wore Louboutins-very beautiful and expensive shoes. This is a nod to the fact that these teens lived in an exclusive and extremely wealthy area of the country. I must say that during one of my own lives, I too, lived in LA and in Calabasas specifically and there is no shortness of ostentatious wealth there.

Back to “The Bling Ring” now… They are reported to have robbed the homes of several celebrities from 2008 to 2009. It appeared that their favorite celebrity to rob was Paris Hilton because of the candy store nature of her house in terms of jewelry, clothing and overall bling level.

I have always been aware in my role as a psychologist to teens that financial privilege doesn’t necessarily translate into feeling good. In fact, many children of financial privilege may even feel deprived of love and the emotional presence and availability of their parents. How, I would like to know were these kids able to store all of their new bling without their parents catching on?

As far as the movie itself is concerned it is a must see. It is simply intoxicating. I understood the emotional rush that these teens must have felt when they were “shopping” in the homes of celebrities. I was also aware of their impulsivity and sense of emotional desperation and emptiness. Go see it. You will understand just how the very wealthy can feel so deprived in so many ways.