California Says No To Conversion On Gay To Straight

I am especially happy that I can tell you this news on Oct. 1 which is the beginning of National Bullying Prevention Month. 

I am very proud of California’s Governor Jerry Brown. He just signed legislation that prohibits conversion therapy a type of therapy that attempts to convert minors from gay to straight. Yes, I am convinced even though I haven’t seen any hard data that this type of therapy can be dangerous. The message being given to our gay kids and teens is that there is something very wrong with them and this message is a great way to get gay youth to fell depressed, ashamed, and even suicidal. The American Psychiatric Association has taken a stand against conversion therapy which attempts to change sexual orientation.

The National Center for Lesbian Rights and other advocacy groups support this measure. I do too. And, I say that other states should follow suit.

What are your thoughts on this legislation?