Corona High School Teacher Having Sex With Students

This Thursday June 20th, 2013 yet another female teacher was accused of engaging in sexual activity with none other than underage male students. More specifically, a Corona, California High School teacher who taught special education at Centennial High School was arrested. She is reported to have had sex with multiple students on school grounds. It is reported that a former student came forward and since then multiple other victims have been identified. I know that you must be thinking that she must have been exploiting the students in her special education classes because of the easy access and availability but to this date none of the students who came forward had been in her special education classes.

Summer Michele Hansen is a 31 year old very attractive blonde with blue eyes. She looks like she could have been the teacher next door or even a former cheerleader. Nonetheless, we can never judge a book by its cover:right? We hear stories of male teachers sexually exploiting female students and we immediately think that these teachers are criminals and horrible offenders. When things are reversed and the teacher is female we scratch our collective heads and wonder how a woman can do this to a child. I believe that we automatically assume that all women have a maternal instinct that should kick in and protect against such heinous behavior. As a clinical psychologist, I must tell you that not all women have such a strong maternal instinct and that, yes, female teachers may also be criminals and rape and abuse students.

It is certainly possible that this particular teacher was dealing with pathology of her own but frankly it does not excuse her alleged criminal activity. Teachers are supposed to be role models to their students, in this case to teen students. Sex with minors is NEVER acceptable. I do not know who was minding the teacher and students as the allegations are that this teacher’s sexual activity took place on school grounds.

Parents at this school are being encouraged to talk to their teens and ask if they have any more information. What happens on campus should not stay on campus.