Five Parenting Secrets

Today I’m ready to spill some parenting secrets so please listen up. I will be speaking from my heart and my experience and may surprise you in the process. I invite you to weigh in on all of my thoughts. In fact, I very much look forward to having some dialogue with parents of teens, tweens and children of any age.

1. A little anxiety is not a bad thing to teach your kids. I am more concerned about raising kids who have no anxiety. A bit of anxiety can be motivating and even protective.

2. Guilt, too, has its place in the lives of our kids. Excessive guilt is a problem but a little guilt may be related to empathy.

3. It is fine for our kids to experience some disappointment. And, no, we do not need to rush in and solve every problem for our kids. Learning to cope with disappointment effectively is an important life skill.

4. Your kids will not remember everything you ever say to them or do. Instead, they remember how you made them feel.


5. Your children do not want you to give up your lives for them. They need adult role models who make life look like it’s worth living even as one gets to be an adult.

Your thoughts please.