Games Teens Play

I’m always thrilled to deliver fun and interesting news about your teens. I’m so used to keeping you in the loop about everything concerning. Well, it seems that your teens are doing more than just getting into trouble,taking risks and getting addicted to social media. Stay with me. You will enjoy learning about something else that teens are doing.

The teens have been telling me about “People Watching Games” that they play. They tell me that these games are best played where large amounts of people gather like in amusement parks or at the DMV. This is how it’s played:

Step 1: One teen says something like family all wearing crocs; mistress or daughter; mail order bride.

Step 2: The first teen to identify the above-mentioned individual or family gets a point if the other teens agree.

Step 3: The teens start at step 1 again and the game goes on. The winner is the one who gets the most points.

Now, honestly did you think teens had any ideas about mistresses or mail order brides? Those kids are more aware than we give them credit for.