If Clothes Could Talk To Your Teens

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to talk to your teens about their clothing? If your kids’ clothes could talk to them I imagine that the conversation would go something like this:

HIGH HEELS: “Please don’t wear us to school. We are meant for parties and special occasions. We would feel terrible if you tripped and got hurt because of us. We are more sensitive than we seem.”

CROPPED TOPS: “Hey, we are not long enough to cover your skin. Please put
a blouse over us. We don’t want to be the reason that you get in trouble for not following the dress code. We also don’t want people to stare at you. We really don’t like a lot of attention.”

SHORT SHORTS: ”Darling, we are afraid that we can’t cover your entire butt. Perhaps we are just not the right pair of shorts for you. Sorry.”

BOXERS: “Young man, we really don’t mind hiding under your pants. We do not, however, like to be visible to everyone. We are kind of shy in that way. Please consider putting a belt on. You understand, right?

WINTER JACKET: “Please put us on when it gets cold. We are cozy and warm and will help you get through cold days. Listen, we don’t want you to get sick. It’s also really lonely when you leave us in closets so much of the time. We really want to be with you. Imagine being in a dark closet all the time. It’s kind of scary.”

LIGHT JACKET AND SWEATER: “You are dressed perfectly for right now but it might get a little chilly later. Please don’t leave us at home alone. We don’t get much of a chance to get out.”

UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS: “Please change us every day so you feel deliciously fresh and clean. We feel jealous when other clothes get washed and we end up in a pile and start to smell bad. That embarrasses us.”

If only clothes could do the talking. That would really eliminate some of the struggles parents have with their kids. For now though you will just have to gently suggest to your kids that they dress properly. Good luck!