Is Kate Middleton Being Bullied for Her Post-Baby Body?

Kate Middleton and her husband William emerged straight into the spotlight approximately 24 hours after Kate had given birth to their son. She wore a dress that did not hide her baby bump and a radiant smile that showed just how delighted she was with her latest production—her son.

I am just blown away by the response to Kate’s baby bump. Some magazines are already suggesting weight loss plans for her. Individuals are suggesting that she should have hidden her baby bump better. And I say good for you Kate Middleton. You had the courage to show what a woman’s body looks like after it has just given birth. Of course, there is still a baby bump. The uterus doesn’t shrink immediately. The body needs time to recover after the ordeal that it just went through.

I have to say that in a sense I feel that we are engaging in collective post-baby body shaming and that that is the real shame. This sort of shaming is yet another form of bullying and we should be way past that. A woman is beaming radiantly and we focus on what is wrong with her body rather than celebrating the joy in her life? That dear friends is a shame and an embarrassment.