Justin Bieber: A Teen’s Walk of Shame

Another teen celebrity takes a fall. This morning, 19 year old pop star Justin Bieber was arrested for drunken driving and driving with an invalid license. Bieber didn’t stop there. He went on to resist arrest. Poor Justin–this is just not his year. Like many young celebrities before him, he is clearly ill-equipped to deal with the pressures that are associated with the spotlight and the trappings of early success including pressure to continue performing at a high level, lots of scrutiny and tons of money at a young age.

Although there is a lot of glamour associated with stardom, not all that glitters is gold. Justin clearly doesn’t understand that the normal rules still apply to him and that he is not superhuman. In a sense, many teen stars have a lot in common with politicians in that they feel that the normal rules of behavior and societal expectations don’t apply to them. The problem is that the rules sometimes do and sometimes don’t apply to them. We know that Justin probably has several publicists that can do damage control for him but that despite that buffer he is still in the public eye. Publicists may be able to fix a reputation but not the mental health of a young star.

At this point it seems that Justin needs an adult figure including his mother to step in and get him professional help. He is spiraling out of control and this is hard to watch. We are rooting for you Justin and we don’t want to lose you. You owe it to yourself and your fans to get help.