Like My Status – LMS: More On Teen Facebook Language

Recently, I wrote an article about the teen Facebook game called LMS (Like My Status) for a rate (see article of 7/22/12). Well, I’m back again to fill you in on some more LMS Facebook games that the teens are playing. Before I give you the inside scoop, I’d like to thank Damien and the 29 or so other teens who shared and clarified this inside information with me.

Just to recap: when teens are playing LMS they write LMS… as a status on their Facebook wall. If anyone responds to this status with a thumbs up then the teen who wrote LMS… is expected to respond to the thumbs up (LMS information request) on the responders Facebook wall.

There are several LMS possibilities. Here are a few for clarification purposes.

1. LMS for a truth.
Step 1: A teen who is either male or female writes LMS for a “truth” on his or her own Facebook wall.
Step 2: A teen of either sex may give this status a thumbs up sign.
Step 3: The teen in step 1 is then expected to go to the responding teen’s wall and write a “truth” such as “We need to hang out”; “I think you are pretty” or even something like “Hit me up” which translates into make contact with me!
The teens told me that the truth statements are usually either positive or neutral because they want to avoid looking bad by writing mean comments.

2. LMS for a smash, pass, or cuff. Hold on. I am getting to the translations. “Smash”=hookup  “Pass”=not hooking up and “cuff”=date. Now, this game seems risky.
The responder who gave the LMS for a smash, pass, or cuff a thumbs up gets a response such as the following:
or any of several combinations of yes and no. I can certainly see how this game might hurt the tender feelings of teens everywhere. Keep in mind, though, that the initial LMS poster can choose not to respond to a thumbs up in an effort to avoid hurting a peer’s feelings.
And how about this one?

3. LMS for an inbox confession. Give that one a thumbs up and you should expect a very private message in your very own inbox like “I think you’re hot or “Remember when…”

These games go on and on. I’ll be back to describe more. Any questions,dear parents? Maybe you should go see what your teens are up to on Facebook!