Myths: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Teens But Were Afraid To Ask

Teens clearly get stereotyped. Just mention the word and people sigh, wish you well, recount their own struggles, and on and on. Well, we would like to dispel some common myths about teens. I think about my daughter as a teen and smile. Her energy and vibrancy were amazing. I learned so much from her. There were challenges but all aspects of her language guided me through those years.

So, here we go:

MYTH #1: Teens don’t want to communicate with their parents.
The TRUTH is that they want to communicate but they want to do it at their own rate and not always with words. They talk to you with their behavior.

MYTH #2: Teens hate their parents.
The TRUTH is that they are learning to be independent. Pulling away does not equal hate.

MYTH #3: Their goal in life is to make their parents miserable.
The TRUTH is that their goal is to figure out who they are without becoming miserable themselves.

MYTH #4: They will make your hair turn gray!
The TRUTH is that your hair will turn gray anyway!

MYTH #5: If their grades are stellar, then all is well.
The TRUTH is that grades are only one aspect of their very complicated lives.

MYTH #6: If they are quiet, then they are upset.
The TRUTH is that they may be upset but that they are just as likely to be thinking, pleased, tired, etc.

MYTH #7: They are out to destroy your marriage.
The TRUTH is that you and your spouse are the ones who have responsibility here.

MYTH #8: They are behaving that way to make you look bad.
The TRUTH is that it’s not all about you.

MYTH #9: Teens just want attention. They will do anything for attention.
The TRUTH is that this is not unique to teens. Attention is a good thing and who doesn’t like attention?

MYTH #10: All they care about is their friends.
The TRUTH is that they care about their friends but they care about you too – just differently!