Newtown High School From A Psychologist View Point

This week I had the unique opportunity to visit Newtown High School. This is the high school where the children who died tragically at Sandy Hook Elementary School would have attended had they survived. Many of the teens at Newtown High School seemed sad. They were sad but appeared to be connected to one another. Some lost a sibling and at least one lost a parent. A far greater number lost a little friend who they were connected to in some sort of care-taking role like being their babysitter, coach or in any other role that teens are typically in with little kids like being their camp counselor. There was so much sadness in that school but the teens seemed to find great comfort in
talking to one another, the adults at school and especially when sitting on the floor playing with the therapy dogs that had been brought to CT. by a team of adults from the Midwest. Teens do get connected, provide support to one another and seem to be resilient. My hope is that their collective strength and resilience will see them through this tragedy. My heart went out to all of them.