Parenting Teens: Teenage Girls Christmas Gifts

I want you to know that I have been interviewing sales people and teens themselves so I have information from some pretty reliable sources. I must admit that I have also been following some of the teens around as they shop. My goodness, I hope they don’t think that I’m some sort of weirdo!

Here is what seems to be very popular this holiday season. The girls love the imitation diamond necklaces with little charms on them like peace signs and words like LOVE. They are really cute and relatively inexpensive. I saw these necklaces at both clothing and accessory shops. You can get the real diamond versions at jewelry stores if you want to shell out lots of money. Listen, it seems that teenage girls, like many of their mothers, just can’t resist accessorizing. And, who can blame them? Accessorizing is so much fun.

Regarding clothing the teenage girls seem to love these new jeans that are referred to as “coated leather.” I bought a pair to see if they are comfortable and yes they are. They are not really leather. They are regular jeans that are coated to look like leather. They come in all different colors and are fun and festive. I then went to a shoe store and asked the sales people what the current trend is for teen girls. They pointed out high sneaker boots. I can’t say that I love them but the teens do and that’s what matters, right?