Parenting Teens: Teenagers & Sex

A study done at the University of Texas at Austin by Paige Harden, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and the Population Research Center, found that individuals who had their first sexual experience at a later than average date (at age 19 or older) experienced-guess what;

1. more painful intercourse.
2. more difficulties with intimacy.
3. were more likely later in life to describe feeling happy with the way they handled conflict with their partners, enjoyed their partners more and were even more pleased with the way their partners showed them love and affection.

The answer dear parents is number 3. So I imagine that you are all going to run not want to your teens’ rooms to show them this finding. Let me know what they say.

Most teens have their first experiences at the age of 17. Perhaps those who wait until 19 or so are choosier about who they have their first sexual experience with and who they choose as their life partners.