Prom Pranks

Prom season is quickly approaching. Teens are getting excited and sadly some are getting hurt in the process. A teen told me about a very sad story regarding prom pranks just this week. Apparently, boys in her high school were engaging in “dog fights.” According to various sources, they were involved in a contest to see who could ask the most unattractive girl to prom. The boys were also operating with a point system where boys who had sex with the most unattractive dates earned more points and would win the “dog fight” contest. Fortunately, one of the students saw a reference to this abhorrent contest on Facebook and reported it to the school. The school quickly took action and the plan was aborted. Thank goodness. The sad parts of this incident were that the “unattractive” girls understood why they were invited and the boys received no consequences.

What are your thoughts about this prom prank?