Raising Happy Teens

I have given this topic lots of thought over many years and I have some ideas that may speak to you, help you and resonate with you. I’m talking to the parents of teens everywhere who want nothing more than for their teens to be happy and healthy.

Here is what I think teens need in order to feel good:

1. At least one friend or confidante who truly understands them. I’m talking about a person who knows how they are really feeling even when they are putting on a fake smile. We all need those kinds of people in our lives;right?

2. They need a place to feel necessary. Perhaps their necessary place is with friends, at home, at a volunteer job or as a member of a team. In life we all need to feel necessary.

3. They need to feel your love even if that love comes as a hug, a wink, a pat on the shoulder or an occasional endearing comment.

4. They need a place to play a laugh. Teens do not need to be mini-adults. Life should not be excessively serious for them. In fact, that is good advice for adults too. Laughter and playfulness are good for the soul and the immune system.


5. They need at least one or two good friends. That is much more important than being popular. Please remember that as you guide your teens.

I will be back to you with more tips for raising happy teens. I would like to see what you think of these first.