Sleep-Away Camp, Teens & Social Media

I speak to teens and their weary parents all the time. The teens never cease to amaze me. All throughout the school year they are practically treating their phones like an additional body part. Their laptops appear to be extension of themselves. And those video games have prevented many teens from eating a warm dinner; right?

Parents, you have probably given up on trying to get your teens to spend less time on social media. It’s sort of like taking drugs away from an addict. You rather the teens be content than angry I suppose. Well, a funny thing happens to teens and social media addiction when teens go to sleep-away camp. I have to tell you that what you are about to read will probably shock you. I know it to be true though. Listen, the teens themselves are my sources of information.

The teens who I speak to who are going to sleep-away camp this summer are actually fine with not having their smart phones and laptops for the summer. They like the break that it gives them from drama, confusing interactions and the constant itch that they feel to check their messages. And, the sleep-away camp policy dictates that they are technology-free over the summer so there is no room to argue about this.

Perhaps parents all over the world can learn something from the policy of many sleep-away camps. Teens can survive and thrive without social media. And, with less of it they may even strengthen their friendships, social skills and actually go outside and get some exercise.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic.