Teaching Our Teens about Intuition

On the heels of the tragic school shootings in Nevada this week it occurred to me that as parents we have a lot more to teach our kids. When they are young we teach them to share, to ride bikes and later to drive. It has occurred to me that we need to teach our teens about how to stay alive. This sounds frightening but hey there have already been 13 school shootings during this school year so we should and must think about safety.

I have another thought related to this issue.. Perhaps we must start teaching our kids about the importance of developing and paying attention to their intuition. I have seen no studies and barely anything written emphasizing the importance of the role of intuition and how it may contribute to keeping our kids safer.

Here is how I suggest helping your kids develop their intuitive skills:

1. Talk to them about the importance on focusing on what physical feelings or thoughts they get in response to situations that make them uneasy.

2. Ask them if this “6th sense” or intuition is actually associated with situations that turn out to be “wrong” in some way.

3. If #2 is true for them then encourage them to trust their intuition and to leave or disengage from situations where they find themselves getting a “bad vibe.”

4. Praise them for paying attention to their intuition.


5. If you feel that your teen does not have good intuitive skills then help them by pointing out cues that may be present that indicate that trouble may be lurking.