Teen Dating Glossary

Just when I think I’m up to date on teen relationship terms I learn more. Bear with me as I try to define some cutting-edge terms.

According to the teens that I talk to there is a new term referred to as a:

“Flirtationship.” This refers to teens who like each other but their relationship is restricted to flirting. This differs from

“Skinny Love.” This is where two teens like each other but their feelings are felt but not expressed. In a “Flirtationship,” however, feelings are expressed.

Now follow me carefully with this next set of terms.

“Big Friends.” These two teens like each other and actually care about each other emotionally. They may be physically and emotionally involved. They aren’t, however, considered a couple. Go figure.

They differ from “Friends with Benefits,” who attempt to be physically involved while keeping emotions at bay because of the emotional component.

My head is spinning. Is yours?