Teen Girls & The Thigh Gap

Apparently many of our teen girls are being affected by a trend toward getting skinny enough to have a gap between their thighs. They are trying to emulate unusually emaciated models in their pursuit of this thigh gap also known as the happy gap. I am very concerned about all of the blogs that teen girls are posting about the pursuit of this gap between the thighs. The pictures on some of these sites also appear very sexual to me. They are photos of teens wearing very short shorts or skirts to show off the thigh gap.

I believe that these girls are not aware of the sexual impact of these photos. During their obsession to join the ranks of the thinnest teenage girls I wonder if parents are talking to their daughters about how sexually provocative these photos are. Please parents go on some on some of these sites. Type in thigh gap, check out the photos and then let me know what you think of these photos.