Teens: Dating, Sex & Hall Passes

Everyone knows that my mission is to keep parents of teens in the know about all things teenage and that includes teen slang and how teens use words.

Well, we all know at this point that while parents of teens used to talk about dating-teens talk about hook-ups which are physical encounters without emotional entanglements. I’m sorry to say though that many of these hook-ups don’t end well because it’s hard to separate the body, heart and mind; right? At least, that is what the teens tell me.

Listen to yet a new term that I learned from the teens recently. Teens now sometimes grant their boyfriends or girlfriends a temporary “hall pass.” Not being totally clear about what this means and being in a state of disbelief I turned to the Urban Dictionary. Here is how the Urban Dictionary defined a “hall pass.”

Hall Pass:

Permission given by your lover to fool around with another person outside your relationship.

Guy #1: “Dude my girlfriend gave me a free pass to sleep with another chick.”

Guy #2: “Aw dude she gave you a hall pass?”

My goodness, I certainly hope that this does not become a trend. It will just mean that there are many more broken teen hearts to mend. Your thoughts?