Teens, Love & “Skinny Love”

The teens are all getting back from their summer camps and are filling me in on their relationship statuses. Few of them came back from camp with boyfriends or girlfriends. Many came back and had stories about what they considered insignificant “hook-ups.” And, a few came back in “skinny love.” Now, I remember being in love as a teen but certainly not in “Skinny love.” In fact, this summer is the first time I’ve heard the teens describe their relationship statuses this way. My goodness, just when I thought we were all caught up on relationship terms.

So, the teens explained to me that they were in “skinny love” when it was clear that they had a thing for each other but did not feel a need to make it official. Enter my old go-to friend, The Urban Dictionary, with an even more clear definition.

When two people really love/like each other, and both of them know it, but don’t have a serious relationship.

This is generally because they are too shy to talk about it to each other.

Girl 1: Josh and Izzy are so cute together!
Girl 2: Yeah, they should def. move on from their skinny love…

So, now I can’t even imagine how the teen slang will morph. Any predictions?