Teens, Texting & Driving

We have known for a while that the leading cause of teen death is accidents. The results of a study just released are quite disturbing and informative. Apparently, more teens die each year as a result of texting while driving than from drinking and driving. The lead author of this study-Dr. Andrew Adesman and his colleagues at the Cohen’s Medical Center in New York found that approximately 2,700 teenagers are killed each year due to distracted driving related to drinking compared to more than 3,000 dying due to texting and distracted driving.

This is a sad and concerning statistic and trend. Teens are much more likely to be driving and texting because their phones are almost always with them. Alcohol is less likely to be available. I believe that all parents need to step up to the plate and educate their teenage drivers about the dangers associated with texting and driving. We want our teenagers to be safe, right?