The Most Embarrassing Social Media Moments

This past week I once again had the opportunity and pleasure to work with teens from across the world. These 13-14 year-old young teenagers were from various states in the U.S. and from a variety of different countries. I always take these opportunities to ask teens questions about their social media lives so that I can see if their stories translate into worldwide themes.

Well, I asked this energetic and oh so lively and lovely group about their most embarrassing social media moments. First, I shared one of my own stories to show that we all make mistakes. I told them how I had accidently sent a message intended for my daughter to a male co-worker.The message said (and I kid you not), “I love you so much. xoxo.” Both the co-worker and I were embarrassed but we had a good laugh. The teens were warmed up and ready to tell their own stories.

So here in the order of frequency of social media mistakes are what the teens spoke about:

1. Sending a text message to the wrong person.

2. Sending a photo to the wrong person.


3. Having an embarrassing photo posted.

In case #1 many of the instances involved sending texts intended for friends to parents. And, yep, these kids got into unexpected trouble. I guess the takeaway message is that we should all slow down and reflect before hitting the send button!