The Problem with Gossip

So, what is it that makes it so irresistible to gossip or share the private details of someone’s life with others?

Does it make you feel more popular if you have gossip to share? Do you feel excited and stimulated by the drama going on in a friend or acquaintance’s life? Are you trying to build social currency? Perhaps you are simply bored by your own life and find someone else’s life more titillating? Do you get pleasure from someone else’s pain?

Read the above list of questions very carefully and think about your own behavior. You have a choice here. You don’t need to participate in gossiping. In fact, you have the option of thinking about what you say before you say it. You have the option to keep private information to yourself and/or to walk away from a group of gossipers.

Think about the following reasons not to talk negatively behind someone’s back:

1. You will be labeled as a “gossip.” Is that really how you want to be identified?

2. You will lose the trust of the person who confided in you. Do you want to betray the person who shared information that is near and dear to their heart? Do you want to be seen as untrustworthy or two-faced?

3. Ask yourself if gossiping is worth the time and effort. Is it beneficial to anyone to fuel rumors?

4. Life might get a little lonely. Are you ready to lose friends by sharing their secrets?

5. Are you really providing valuable information? Is gossiping going to enhance the intellectual and emotional life of anyone?

6. Gossiping leads to more drama. Do you really want to add to your friend/acquaintance/co-worker’s problems by carelessly sharing their private information?

7. Gossipers make it seem like others’ lives don’t matter. Are people’s personal lives to be regarded as trivial?

8. You might become a victim of gossip, too. Do you want others to gossip about you? If you hang around with gossipers, then your life is also fair game for the gossip mill.

Look, no one thrives by gossiping. Reputations are ruined. Feelings are hurt.
Friendships are destroyed. Frankly, you look terrible when you are in the process
of gossiping. There are way more virtuous and commendable ways to spend your

So, the next time you have the urge to share gossip, take a breath and stop
yourself. Surely, you have something more important to discuss. And, if you find
yourself among gossipers, you have the option to act disinterested or to simply
walk away.

I would love to know #YOUR #THOUGHTS!