Why I Love Being a Mother

Maybe I just got the right kid and it has just worked out for us, but I doubt that that is the whole story. I believe that I love being a mother because the mother-child bond is like no other. Let me start at the beginning where these relationships begin.

1. There is nothing quite like rocking a tiny little baby in your arms. And, how about that tendency that you develop to sway back and forth even when you are not with your newborn but when you are perhaps in a line in a supermarket. I never danced so publicly, so unconsciously and so joyfully as when I was swaying from all of those hours of rocking my baby in my arms.

2. What about the way that that baby smells? Nothing, not even lavender or vanilla or any of our other favorite fragrances compares to the scent of a baby. Nothing!

3. Now, how about when they turn into toddlers? Is there anything more fun than watching the joy of a child playing? Isn’t it fabulous how you re-learn the importance of play?

4. You get to tell stories and lots of them because what child can resist a delicious and delightful and highly soothing story? My daughter still remembers my stories and to this day we still laugh about them. Our stories become are our history.

5. Yes, you stay up worrying when your kids become teens but with worry comes love so really you are simply staying up to love.

6. Teens love to be asked about their opinions and who on earth doesn’t love listening to the idealistic opinions of an un-jaded teenager. Who, I ask you?

7. Yes, teens push up against you and test limits but that’s because they need you. And, I ask you who doesn’t love being needed?

8. I loved the energy and excitement of having a group of teens in my house and I loved when they came to find me just to check in and say hi. They can be a little disinhibited but I’ll take dis-inhibition over indifference any day of the week.

The list can and will go on and on but this is it for now. Please get back to me with some of your own thoughts. You know that I love hearing from you.