Why I Love Teens

This week I had the incredible opportunity to meet with 24 16-18 year old teens from nine different countries. They were male and female so both sexes and many geographical regions around the world were well represented. Well, I must say that it is once again clear to me why I love and feel honored to work with this age group. They never cease to amaze me.

I asked the teens what they value most in life. I had them break out into small groups and carefully list their group responses. I am delighted to share their responses with you. In all four groups, the most likely answer and the first answer in a prioritized list of five was FAMILY. These kids value family above all else. When asked to expand they reiterated that they want more than anything else in life to have good and strong connections. Now get this-they didn’t necessarily define family as just biological family. Instead, they defined family as those who really get you, are attuned to you and who are there for you to share both your JOYS and your STRUGGLES. Wow. I was blown away.

Across the four groups the next 4 answers tended to include: wellness, being well educated, contributing positively to the world and finding some semblance of peace in one’s daily life. I have a lot more to tell you but for now this is enough for us all to rejoice in those sometimes surly individuals known as teens. Rock on!