Young Teens & Sexy Underwear

I have noticed a trend among retailers to target your young teen daughters -middle school age- to start buying sexy and sexier underwear. I would love your input so please listen up and read on.

I am not alone with these thoughts. Apparently Bloomberg News agrees and has also noticed this trend. With a slow economy- this age group with their concern about their body image and allowances are a great target. It doesn’t take much money to buy a pair of thong underwear or a push-up bra with little skulls on it now does it?

Now let me tell you that I am all about girls feeling good about themselves and lovely underwear but not necessarily as a pair. There is absolutely no reason that middle school girls should be targeted for this sort of underwear. They need to learn about relationships and sexuality BEFORE owning seductive intimates.

I say that we ask these retailers to take it easy on our middle school daughters and market their wares to the 18 and over set. At least, the 18 and over set have an idea of the sexual allure of these garments. I’m concerned that the younger set, literally, don’t know what they are getting themselves into!