A Parenting Teens Expert Review: HBO’s Girls Season 2 Week 1

I have been waiting with baited breath for the second season of Girls, the HBO show about four 20 something friends trying to get their young lives together and identify the correct version of themselves in New York City. I loved both the realism of the show and the fact that the girls’ lives are fraught with complications and tricky decisions. During  Season 1 these girls were not living glamorous lives but were instead trying to negotiate relationship, parent, job, and living situations with as much finesse as possible. This is a show that moms may want to watch with their teen daughters but only if you can handle graphic sex scenes. If so, then this show will provide many talking and teaching moments.

Girls Season 2 Episode 1 did not disappoint. Here the girls are grappling with the emotional effects of break-ups, redefining friendships and job loss. They struggle with who they are and want to be and in the process often behave in socially clumsy ways and end up confused and disappointed despite their best efforts. Hanna has a new gay male roommate. Marni is dealing with seeing her ex-boyfriend with a new girlfriend. Shoshana is dealing with losing her virginity to a young man who appears at first to have lost interest in her and Jessa is dealing with being married. These are just some of the issues that were included in Episode 2. It includes many of the meaningful aspects of life that twenty somethings are dealing with as they are trying to launch.

I can’t wait for Episode 2. I must say that feelings of loneliness were palpable during Episode 1.
I have introduced you all to each of the girls in the photo above.  Want to watch the show with me?