A Parenting Teens Expert Review: HBO’s Girls Season 2 Week 2

Episode 2 was not disappointing. Hanna has now broken up with two boyfriends. I love the way the show makes it clear that males, too, ache when relationships are over. The misunderstandings that lead to relationship break-ups are highlighted. One comment is misinterpreted and things deteriorate from there.

I have always been fascinated that people can have such an emotional impact on each other without even realizing it and how this can change a person’s feelings in seconds. One moment Hanna is almost obsessed with her boyfriend Adam. Now, that he is pursuing her after the break-up she is afraid that he is going to murder her. So, it’s not a surprise that she calls 911 when he comes to her apartment.

The show also shows how the girls feelings about themselves can fluctuate so quickly based on relationship, friendship and job statuses. Marni was so happy for most of last season. Now, the beautiful and charismatic Marni is down on herself and her life because she has no boyfriend and got rejected for a job that she was expecting. She even attempts unsuccessfully to have sex with Hanna’s gay roommate to fill the emotional void in her life. This is so out of character for Marni but beautiful young women like everyone else behave out of character when they are feeling sad and rejected.

The tables have also turned for the prudish Shoshana and the formerly promiscuous Jessa. They, like others of their age, are trying on new roles and identities. Shoshana is shown lying comfortably in bed with a young man while Jessa appears to be delighted to be married to an older and more conservative man who certainly does not seem to be her usual type.

This show makes you feel. It takes you straight into the hearts and minds of the characters and has you rooting for their happiness. Go girls!