College Students & Spring Break

Please listen up today as we are going to talk about your college students and spring break trips.
Spring break is coming up soon for many of our college student children. Many students take this time to go where the sun is shining and the kids are drinking and feeling dis-inhibited. As parents we worry, of course, about our kids’ safety during these trips. The combination, of alcohol, lack of adult supervision and lack of structure can lead to tragedy. On the other hand, if kids are safe they can have a wonderful bonding experience with their friends.

A recent review of several studies by Hickerson and Ribeiro who reported their findings in a recent issue of Tourism Review International suggested that activities at spring break may not differ significantly from typical weekend behavior on college campuses. On the other hand, risky behaviors may peak during the first year of college and decrease for college students in their sophomore and junior years. Risky behaviors may increase again during the final Spring break during senior year.

My advice for parents is:

1. Talk to your college kids about health risks related to alcohol.
2. Talk to them about preserving their reputations.
3. Remind them about the importance of following the rules and the law.

Good luck.