Justin Bieber & “Media Opportunity” With Our Teens

I’m worried about the 19 year old singer Justin Bieber who many of our teens love and would like to talk to you about Justin and your teens.

When a teen role model begins to have difficulties our teens are watching. This provides what I love to refer to as a “media opportunity” to talk to our teens about what they think may be going on with Justin Bieber. He showed up two hours late for a concert. He then had trouble breathing during the concert. Later on, he began to fight with a photographer. This is atypical behavior for Justin Bieber.

Ask your teens what their thoughts are about this. Teens love to give their opinions. Do they think Justin is stressed? Using drugs? Over-scheduled? This may open up many conversations about how they are handling stress. You see teens love when the discussion starts out about someone other than themselves.

Please let me know what you and your teens think and let’s hope Justin starts to feel better!