Life Lessons for Your Teens

There are just so many incredibly wonderful life lessons that we can and must impart to our teens. They may not appreciate them in the moment but they will remember them at some point. I would like to pass on just a few today and I promise to return with many more.

1. Teach your teens about the importance of having a few good friends rather than being popular. Friendships last if taken care of properly. Popularity is fleeting.

2. Help your teens identify their core and their passions. They need a place to come home to within themselves that is not externally driven or dependent upon the whims of others.

3. Teach them that each of life’s disappointments functions to make them stronger and to be better prepared for the next set of challenges that will inevitably come their way.

4. Help them learn to identify the best in people so that they will select friends who will share their joys and help them deal with their failures. There is no value in having jealous or spiteful friends.


5. Try to teach them to be mindful and present in the moment so that they will miss very little along their journey.

Good luck and I promise that I will be back soon. Do you have anything that you would like to add to this list?