Parenting Teenagers: Teens & Depression

Lots of parents worry that their teens are depressed or may have other mood problems so today I am going to tell you what signs to look for.

First, you need to know that every teen will feel sad and down from time to time but that this usually does not mean that they are suffering from serious depression. It is when serious symptoms last for two weeks or more that you need to be concerned.

The symptoms that you should be looking for include:

1. Sad or irritable mood during most of the day.
2. A loss of pleasure and interest in usual activities.
3. A significant change in appetite.
4. A change in sleep habits.
5. A change in the speed at which your teen moves. This can include either being slowed down or hyped up.
6. A loss of energy.
7. Difficulty concentrating.
8. Feeling worthless.
9. Having frequent thoughts of death and/or suicidal thoughts.

I must tell you that your teen does not need to be showing all of these symptoms to be suffering with a diagnosis of Major Depression but if you notice even a few of these symptoms please get your teen to a therapist for a professional evaluation. The earlier the depression is treated the more likely your child is to recover quickly.