Parenting Teenagers: Wacky Teen Trends

I am going to fill you in on both teen language and teen trends in the same article. Please have a seat while you are reading this. I promise that you will be glad that you did.

Today I bring you two teen terms:”trunking” and “vampire biting.”

“TRUNKING” In order to transport their friends around some teens are actually and I kid you not driving their friends around by putting them in the trunks of their cars. Lots of states do not allow teens to drive other teens around. So, sadly this is how some teens are getting around the law.
“VAMPIRE BITING” is how some teens express their affection toward one another. They are literally giving each other “love bites” which may be the modern day equivalent of the “hickey.” Remember that red mark on your friend’s neck? The problem with the biting is that it can lead to infection.

I certainly didn’t mean to ruin your day today. I have always promised to keep you in the know and I’m keeping my promise.