Parenting Teens Expert On HBO’s Girls Season 2 Episode 7

Yet another episode of Girls simply blew me away. In this episode we see the uber-confident Jessa reduced to a little girl. Jessa and Hannah go visit Jessa’s father and in his presence Jessa becomes a daughter with needs like all of the rest of us. We have become so used to Jessa presenting herself as so confident that it is almost heartbreaking to watch her ask her father why he wasn’t there for her as a child.

In response to her visit with her father-Jessa decides to start yet a new phase in her life. We don’t know what it will be but we will hopefully find out soon. Hannah appears to feel very sad for Jessa. In response, she calls her own parents to tell them how much she appreciates them. They are sadly suspicious of her call to simply express her gratitude.

It is so true that many of us regress to our childhood selves in the company of the people who raised us. Most of us of all ages can relate to this episode. I continue to root for all of the GIRLS with the strengths and vulnerabilities.