Parenting Teens Expert On The Interrobang!?

Since it’s Teen Talk Monday, it’s time for me to explain the use of teen language a bit more. Today, I’m going to discuss punctuation. Have you ever heard the word interrobang? Well, I bet most of you said no. It has nothing to do with either interrrogating or banging anything.

In fact, an interrobang is a question mark and exclamation mark overlapping and used to end a sentence. It can also appear at the end of your teens’ messages like this ?! and I will tell you what it implies so that you don’t misinterpret it. When an adult uses it it probably implies surprise but when a teen ends a message with ?! it is more likely to express disbelief as in “Are you kidding me?”

Consider the following:

You want me home at 9 tonight?!
I can’t go to the movies?!
You are wearing my jeans?!
You expect me to go to grandma’s house today?!
You promised her that I can babysit?!

I think that you probably get it now. Those teens are not necessarily pleased with what you have just told them when they send you an interrobang.

What a word,huh? Okay, see you tomorrow with some Parenting Teen Tips. Have a great day!