Parenting Teens Expert Review: HBO’s Girls Season 2 Week 4

WOW! These young women are certainly struggling with the complexities of relationships. I am delighted that they are displaying their vulnerabilities and broken hearts despite how strong they may appear at times.
Jessa, feeling threatened by her husband Thomas’ parents, reveals way too much personal information during dinner. It’s all downhill from there and the dinner party is a disaster. I have to admit that even I was shocked when Jessa broke down and cried when she realized that she may have destroyed her marriage.

Marni has broken up with Charlie and is dating an artist named Booth. Nonetheless she is hurt and confused when in the presence of Charlie’s new girlfriend.

Shoshanna is falling in love and is remarkably authentic and thoughtful when describing her feelings.

Hanna, the star of the show, throws a party and it is during this party that a can of emotionally painful worms is opened. You must watch this episode. It is intensely powerful.Two dinner parties lead to lots of emotional disaster.