Parenting: Teens & Helicopter Parents

To all of the parents out there who are micro-managing your teens’ lives I want to suggest that you back off a bit. Helicopter parenting, hyper-parenting or turbo -parenting is simply not good for your teens. They don’t need to be over-parented. They need to fail at times, solve problems on their own and learn from trial and error. I know that you are just trying to do the best you can for your teens but you may be overdoing it here. Teens develop a healthier sense of self-esteem if they learn how to handle difficulties on their own. It is good for your teens to learn how to deal with some of the less comfortable emotions. This is a skill that we all need in life.

It is your job as a parent to help your teens be happy but a bit of stress and learning to handle is also a key to feeling effective, competent and happy.