Parenting Teens: Teen Killers

I have reviewed the work of Phil Chalmers who has interviewed over 200 teen killers and I would like to share some information about teens and murder. Please bear with me as I share some of his findings about teen killers. It’s not a fun topic but nonetheless..

1. Most teen killers are male. Approximately 90% of teen killers are male but female killings are on the rise.
2. Most teen killers who use guns get those guns from parents or close relatives.
3. The most deadly hour of the school day is the first period or first hour.
4. Many of these killers have no prior history of violence.
5. Chalmers suggests that teen killers and school shooters fall into a trance-like state when killing.
I really dislike the idea of using the words, teens, killers, and guns together but I have to talk about reality.