Parenting Teens: Teenagers & “Dusting”

Today we are going to talk about a troublesome teen trend referred to as “dusting.” Let’s begin with the definition of “dusting” from The Urban Dictionary-a very good place to begin.

DUSTING: “a term for inhaling the compressed air and propellant from a canned product used for dusting computer keyboards and other electronics. Also see “huffing”. Lets go to the party and do some dusting. Jimmy was dusting and passed out.”

Apparently, this common computer cleaning product is at times a source of getting high for some teens. This dust cleaner comes in a spray can and the teens inhale it. This trend is very concerning because this sort of activity can affect the heart and potentially cause death.

There are a few things that you should know about teens who are engaging in dusting. A report by the National Institutes of Health found that dusting’s biggest abusers have been 8th graders. In addition, belligerence and weight loss are associated with dusting.

I sincerely hope that your teens aren’t engaging in this behavior but as always I want you to be in the know. We want our kids to be safe.