Raising Teenagers: Tumblr & Teens

I would be delighted if you would listen up as I keep you in the know about more teen terms. Hey, I always promised to keep you in the know, right?

We know what Facebook and texting are, right? Well, our teens are now moving on to tumblr. Just when parents start to catch on to one thing the teens move on to yet another. Well, I have become acquainted with tumblr and I’d like to fill you in. Tumblr is a photojournaling blog site that allows users to post photos, blogs, and images to their own individual and personalized sites.

Teens love tumblr and it seems that tumblr users even have some unique vocabulary. Just listen to this. When tumblr users refer to DERPING they are referring to people who are making awkward and unattractive faces or who are engaging in similarly inappropriate behaviors.

Here’s another expression that is linked to tumbler aficionados-TOO MANY FEELS. This is used when the teens find something so amazingly indescribable that only TOO MANY FEELS can capture the feeling. Wow. It’s hard to stay current.