Raising Teens: Generation Y & Stress

The millennia’s also known as Generation Y typically refer to Americans between the ages of 18-the early 30′s. Many of our older teens are among this stressed-out group. According to a recent survey entitled “Stress in America” from the American Psychological Association- Americans between the ages of 18-33  report an average stress level of 5.4 on a 10 point scale compared to the national average of 4.9. Many of these young people describe having difficulty sleeping at night. That is a big deal because we all know how toxic a lack of sleep can be.

Many reasons have been put forth to account for Generation Y’s high stress level and they all make sense. They are worried about student loans that they will have to pay after graduation. They are also concerned about getting jobs and job stability. These also seem like very realistic concerns.

We need to give emotional support to Generation Y in any way we can. They are struggling. There is some good news, however, that came out of this survey. Generation Y members appear to be brimming with optimism that things will get better for them. Optimism is a wonderful quality to have particularly in the face of stress. Good for you, Generation Yers.