Team Marriage or Team Teen Parenting?

Richard Burton, the British actor and Elizabeth Taylor’s husband and ex-husband multiple times over, once described marriage as the highest state of tolerance. This resonated with lots of married couples. While I agree that marriage tests one’s tolerance, stamina, energy level, and everything else about us-I see things a bit differently.

I believe that parenting teens is the highest state of tolerance.
Here is how I see it.

1. Your teens, it seems, suddenly stop talking to you for no reason.
Your spouse on the other hand will eventually let you know exactly why you are getting the silent treatment.

2. You don’t know if your teens will make it through the turbulent teen years safely.
Your spouse already has.

3. When you give birth to a child you are forever changed in a deep and visceral manner.
You did not give birth to your spouse and while you may feel deep love and affection it is certainly not the same.

4. You have to worry who your teen may be having sex with and whether or not they are using good judgment.
Hopefully, you know that your spouse is having sex with you only.

5. You did not choose your teen and the two of you may be mismatched in terms of personality styles.
You chose your husband with the hope that your personality styles complement each other.

Your thoughts? Which tests your tolerance more? Team Marriage or Team Teen Parenting?