Teen Boys: Snapping?!

Since there have been tragic school shootings at the hands of teenage boys there has been some rising concern about whether teen boys are at increased risk to suddenly go from a normal state to one in which they snap and then commit horrendous crimes. Yes, the majority of teen killers are males but no there is no such thing as snapping. Let me tell you what actually happens when teenage boys and individuals of other ages engage in mass killings.

First, there is not necessarily mental illness involved. It is more likely that there are festering feelings of rage and anger coupled with access to weapons that lead to these horrible tragedies.

Your teen boys need to know this. They need to know that feelings of anger, jealousy and even wanting to retaliate will not make them mass murderers. Teach your sons that it is important to talk about their feelings and that every feeling doesn’t require an accompanying behavior.

I want your teenage sons to see this article. Print it out. Discuss it with them. Let them know that turtles and rubber bands snap not teenage boys.