Teen Communication

I am going to fill you in on what may be happening when your teens are NOT talking.

As parents, we assume that when our teens are not talking that that must mean that something is dreadfully wrong. While that certainly is a possibility there are far more likely explanations.


1. Your teen may be trying to quietly think something over.
2. Your teen may need some decompression and winding down time. We all need that,right?
3. It is certainly possible that your teen is tired.
4. Sometimes the teenagers are simply not in the mood to talk. We can all relate to that.
5. They may be trying to be quiet so that they don’t say the wrong thing.
So before you assume that your quiet teen is dreadfully distressed consider the above explanations for a lack of communication first.

If, however, the lack of communication is accompanied by other changes such as a deterioration in academic performance, social isolation and signs of sadness and/or anxiety then you might just want to talk to your teen. In fact, you actually need to. Please let me know how it goes.